Vendors Pt. 1

I know finding good vendors is difficult, and the list I am presenting here are folks that I’ve actually spoken with. I used my life-long nickname, “Goose.” Some remembered me, others it took some reminding. It happens, we’re all human. Rocks, stones, and minerals: Rock on Mineral & Design Sacred Cloud Gifts Stones of Worth … Continue reading Vendors Pt. 1

Follow the Arrows

The Gods and spirits point the way, many times in one’s life. In our modern times, most view this as a curio, a ‘someday,’ or some just don’t have any real fathom on how to make it work. . Don’t just drop everything and run. Plan. Cast the bones, lay the tarot, etc. In my … Continue reading Follow the Arrows


Been at the forge, getting things furthered along. An understandably anxious client is waiting on a package, which took up my morning. I had forgotten how difficult cardboard origami actually is. I won the argument in the end. I finished the altar stange, and it will be in the shop tomorrow. Now that I have … Continue reading Working