Blood Rites

Blood has been a ritual component for what seems like eons. All around the globe, blood still features in ritual, prayer, folklore, and legends.  A blood ritual is pretty straight forward, it is the ritual use of blood. Some find it gross, but even old cloth that soaked up blood from a wound can and … Continue reading Blood Rites

Fetishes, Sacred Objects, Trûtenbein, and the Alrauns

My first official post, out of the rabbit hole. Feels good, to be back. I work with fetishes, alrauns, and as a Maker of Things, sacred objects. There are similarities between other folk traditions, albeit with a distinct Bavarian/Alpine leaning. I have been conversing with other folk practitioners with much glee, seeing how much we … Continue reading Fetishes, Sacred Objects, Trûtenbein, and the Alrauns


Well, via messenger I have been asked a few questions. So, I’ll list them here, and if there is any interest send a comment.  These questions will be asked from my rural folk practice, out in the boonies. I will keep this up until February 1st. Then, I’ll go with the answers given. (Thank you … Continue reading Contemplations

Cold Full Moon

In more ways than one. My life continues to settle, into a liberating melody; and I am adjusting. Some of my Vessels loathe pictures of them, and my Seelen Perlen had to be blessed before I could present them. With The Three, and their kin I have been re-visiting my old occult roots. Never hurts … Continue reading Cold Full Moon