Breaking Away

So instead of getting on with things… Life happened. I had to break completely away, and cut ties, in order to catch up to myself. 


However, I managed. Also, I have tried once again to reach out to local Pagans. It… Didn’t go so well. Many Pagans cannot handle the real, and often gray, reality that occultism is intertangled with. I was called aggressive, intimidating, shady, obtuse (kinda okay with that one), and of course: dark.

I was banned from a few online groups, because working with bones is ‘macabre.’ 

I have seen how… Campy? Childish? What word would describe the mainstream lines of… Is it Paganism anymore? Since when did anime, and cartoons become a way to express trance work? It’s almost an insult; onto itself. 

I stepped out of the online world for three months because, well, I was stunned how far the umbrella had flown. I have tried those ‘apps,’ in the gamestore. I would rather sit on my backyard stool in silence; than try that again. The Heathen Amino app seems more level headed, but still.

Even in conversation, one must be positive, PG 13, and clean. Even mentioning smoking, drinking, or drug use (besides marijuana) is sneered upon. What happened?

One Amino user spoke to me, ” Hey, you’re old school. That’s not cool anymore. Bones are bad, you’re wrong for using them.”

Wait… What? When did any bone worker… ‘Use bones?’

So, I have really said what I want to say on that. Otherwise, I may get heartburn.

As for me, I have been building my inventory, and tomorrow I will finish some trance inspired items. I will no longer make pouches, wands, or jewelry. It seems there is an abundance of that online already. So, knives, swords, an axe or two, bladed ritual tools, sickles, and the like are being put together. 

I have made several devotional Seelen Perlen, or ritual beads. Counters, both a talisman and amulet, and a ritual tool in its own right. 

When this was called ‘dark,’ I started shaking my head.

Some of these will be up for sale. I am attempting to make even smaller ones.

Also welcomed some new additions, and I am out gathering wild plants for rauchstocks.


Just getting started.

A utility knife, that is bound in water proof rubber.

Male Bear Skull, and a Canine Skull

My Seelen Perlen

Tomorrow is going to be a massive day, full of forging, carving, sharpening, and leatherwork. The eclipse is not too far off, and I aim to meet it.

Ferdtide is coming. It is a warrior/ Veteran day of honor. Also, it is when I celebrate the birth of the Divine Twins, Daughter of the Bear – The Smithy, and Her brother/ Husband The Ploughman. I think it a most potent time as it occurs beneath the eclipse itself. 

Then, of course Herbst is just after that. Sigh. I don’t know if I will catch up with myself. It is good to be busy, and productive. My fictional novel was published (The Odyssey of Ojea). So tomorrow’s post may simply be pictures, and I apologize for that. Onwards!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Away

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Greetings! I’m trying not to remark on all the different things you’re talking about here so I’ll just say that it’s really nice to see all the stuff you’ve crafted and the book you’ve written – pretty awesome stuff. Blessings.

  2. Yea, I agree. Better to let some things lay where they are. I am waiting for my leather to arrive, sigh. Regardless, thank you! Blessings back at ya!

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