It is now autumn, and the season of the dead begins anew. I was blessed to have the day off to celebrate, and for that I am also thankful. I began my day with hanging citris in my window, chanting to keep illness away. My house smells wonderful.

After, I began to prepare my last meal with my adopted bear cub.

I roasted bison, after searing it for flavor. It was delicious. Along with nuts, fruit pies, home made stuffing, and mashed potatoes, I had a hearty meal for one.

I prepared the pyre to send the adopted cub home. For the second time, can use the rauchstocks for their intended purpose. I love this!

And when it was ready:

 I sat down and dined with the Gods, spirits, and Ancestors. Selig Herbst!

Then, after procession through the house singing farewell songs, I set the cub onto the pyre. I had soaked the pyre with herb infused vodka, and away the cub went.

Farewell little cub! Speak well of me!

The air filled with the scents of cedar, native sage grass, wormwood, elm, cinnamon, anise, sweet grass, and chamomile. The smoke enveloped my entire house, it was wonderful. 

I sat next to it, and as the sun was setting I sent the cub back to the Bear Mother.

After, I headed inside for some Fate work.

I warded my house and home anew for the new season ahead. 

And so, the remainder of my day will be spent in divination, to see what lies ahead in the dark. I hope all of you have a wonderful evening filled with good news, good company, and good food!

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One thought on “Herbst

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Awesomeness. Looks like you had a grand ole time! (Well, you and the spirits!) Many blessings.

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