Round and round we go…

Boy, it’s… Been. 

I have changed, one night in February, after my sacred feast, I went into trance. Once there, the Bear Mother proceeded to rip me to shreds. Then, I blacked out. 

When I came to, I was on my floor in my bone room with a bloody nose. I felt different. The room was still, the candles were still burning as stumps, no noise. It took the rest of my weekend to feel somewhat normal again. The tiles in my ceiling fell in, and I looked around wondering…. What just happened.

I felt like a cold soda can fresh from the vending machine.

So, a week later I venture forth again. I found out, my kith was changed. It is now a weasel. I am still to this day adjusting, and the permanence of this is hitting me quite hard. We’ll see how this goes.

I moved. I live in town now, with a nice private area to work outside. I planted a backyard garden, and blessed a skull to The Ploughman to guard it.

So, after I gave the rites to The Ploughman, my yard went from dirt…

To the frakkin’ Jungle Book. Baloo? Mogli? Ya there?

My landlord was stunned. Well, that’s The Ploughman for you. That, was two day growth. Just… Boom.

So, my bone room is running nicely. Lost a bone on my book yesterday after my outside Work, sigh. On my conjure table is my bone box, for my mink. It works superbly well.

Made my Nothing Post, or Niding Pole. One name is already there, I really hope it doesn’t grow in numbers. We will find out, one way or another. Sadly, knowing how folks are… Probably.

Learning a wonderful wind instrument. It works well in dealings with the weather. Unless… The Avian Lord gets angry. And plus, Zelda yo.

Yes, for two months my area was racked with tornadoes. He was pissed, livid. I heard the sirens in my dreams. I tried with mink to find out why, but his angry silence prevailed. One night, while bunkered down and the angry winds screamed, a flash of lightning hit my eyes and a quick image showed itself. I saw a pool of blood, and feathers. I hadn’t a clue what it meant at the time, but I was sure as shit going to find out. 

I asked around, and a rumor of a couple visiting parks at night (The Avian Lord’s time), and taking a machete to the geese and putting them in the trunk to take home. Geese, are one of His sacred creatures. I informed several officers, and from what I hear they were caught weeks later. Now, the weather is rain, with some flooding in the region. I don’t know if my part did it, but his rage is in fact lulled. I’m glad it wasn’t me that angered Him. Phew. 

Firing up the forge again now that the angry thunder isn’t forcing me to bunker down. Been wanting to scratch that itch for some time!

And, in my new home and new town I met a very different kind of spirit of the place. A cricket spirit, that was happy I was in the area. Spooked me at first, because I have learned that many spirits who are nice right up front have talons hidden beneath. But, after being here for some months, she actually is a nice spirit. Huh. How rare is that?

So, it would appear that I am in an alright place, as long as people can stop murdering park animals. Hunting is one thing, this was just bizarre.

And I have a lovely fire pit that I can use my rauchstocks with. This fire was to cleanse the pit from its origins. On Litha I was able to cook all of my food on the sacred fire, and had a very sacred meal. 

So, there you have it. I hope I get time like this to blog again, it would seem They are giving me a much needed reprieve. And, I am going to soak it up like a dry sponge, this go-round. Now, if you shall, I am off to play my ocorania. 

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9 thoughts on “Round and round we go…

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Great to see you back and well 🙂

  3. Welcome back. I was beginning to wonder when we’d hear from you 🙂

  4. M.A.Rivera

    Woot. Hi there! I love your photos and everything you’ve been up to. I was actually wondering if you’d ‘surface’ again so I left you a comment on your last post some weeks ago. Look forward to seeing whatever you may have to share! Blessings.

    • M.A.Rivera

      By the way, I meant to ask about your book. I used to have a copy of ‘The Cavern’s Wise Woman’ and I was clearing some books so I it ended up in there (not intentionally though) and I only realized this after. Anyway, would there be any way to get another copy?

    • You… woke me. Thank you.

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