December Moon: Rough Nights Moon

My month has been busy, and spent in a whirl. Working, running around, and in the chaos I have spent communing with my Gods, spirits, and Ancestors. The world is spinning around me, yet I feel that at times I am standing still. Seeing the dark side of good people, and the good in bad situations. The wisdom is coming slowly through the trials, and I learned long ago that true wisdom is never free.

I am no superhero, but I have done my best. I’m still standing… That’s got to mean something.

Spent my time walking in awesome places, the dust of forget gave the air a linger of sorts, and I relished it. It was wonderful to walk through history, and even better to reach out and touch it.


A projector window in an old theater, which is now a furniture store. Still, hearing the steel doors creak made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Epic.

Went off to the Gem Show, to view the beauties hidden within:


Jackpot. I almost bought the entire bin.

IMG_0769IMG_0772Greeting the new additions:


Allowing my new bobcat skull to cozy in with the others.

I am letting my altar settle with the new additions, and everything is going quite smoothly. My first working with my male bear skull was wonderful and enlightening. I learned how to allow the snow to fall off the branch, and how to allow time to flow simply observing. Sometimes, sitting still is the wiser action, for many things will come to you. I hope that makes sense.


My bear claw addition to my stange. With the mink skull, and wolf fur, my steed is more potent than ever.

Got my metalworking itch scratched, as I am still debating on re-opening my online store. I closed it due to the chaos my life had taken, and it will remain closed until I feel everything has settled more fully. However, private commissions are still available. Just ask!


Some will have oak handles, some will have antler, and others will be the simple wrapping.

Finished my amulet choker to protect me in both my Workings and in daily life. Made of bear teeth, wolf teeth, one horse, and mink teeth it was blessed during the December full moon.


Potency at it’s finest, and it sits so wonderfully on my neck. I adore this piece!

And during the December full moon I enacted some… Harsher rituals.


Because sometimes shit’s gotta to get done.

And on the eve of Rauhnact I spent my time playing my violin and harp, offering milk and food to the Wild Hunt, threw the bones, and hailed to the Antlered Weaver’s assembly.

Hail to the Huntress of Souls!

I will post on this tomorrow. For now, my plans are not yet finished. Selig Rauhnact!!

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