I had an early celebration due to work schedules, however I didn’t think the timing lacked in any way. I got out of the house, saw a film (Horrible movie called Ouija), walked around the restless streets, and paused every so often to listen to the breezes. The air is certainly stirring. I started the day with pomegranates, tri-fried eggs, and toast with my Ancestors.



I offered them milk, spirits, apples, pomegranates, and tobacco (most of my recently departed loved ones smoked), as well as other treats I could remember they liked in their lives. I bedecked the table in white fragrant flowers for them, and looked over old photos and held old momentos. I did my best to remember them, their sayings and habits, and how their presence in my life shaped me into the person I stand as today.

I cut an apple ribbon in one slice as I chanted (Which, as I found… Takes talent! To those who can with one swoop, I tip my hat to you. I think I had luck on my side for mine.) and let the ribbon fall onto my counter to see what initials my ‘true love’ (if he even exists) would be. Well…


Not really seeing initials. Maybe I did it wrong?

Started my wreath for the dark season, it’s in a bare-bones form for now, but as the season progresses I will be adding to it.


My new wreath, it’ll be added to over the years, but this is the starting point.

Finished another spirit house. I am not sure if you can see it, but I have been working with more insect spirits, as well as my wasp.


A safe haven for my most fragile spirits.

IMG_0713As night fell, I prepared my meal with the Midnight Bull, and His dear Lady. I cooked meats in red wine, poured wine into goblets I use in ritual meals, cleaned the table and swept the area. After anointing the candles and setting them, it was finally the right hour:


Hail to the Midnight Bull!


Cannot forget his Dear Lady!

A glass for me, and a glass for Him and his Lady. I dined with my Ancestors and hosted my Guests in silence. I cleaned up in silence, and it wasn’t until the cream was left outside for the wandering souls that I spoke a word.

I cast the bones, I spread my cards. I had many questions, and I think I had pretty clear answers. I asked questions a few colleagues were wanting answers to, and I wrote them down. My house was filled with the fumigated smoke of lavender, wormwood, chamomile, yarrow flowers, and mugwort. Believe it or not, it smelled wonderful!

The fat and bones of the meat will be given traditionally, and afterwards I left a lamp lit while I slept to aid me in dreaming of my Ancestors.

As the All Hallows Eve dawns, I hope yours is full of divination, laughter, merry-making, spirit work, and a glimpse through the veil.

Glucklich Geist Jagd!

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9 thoughts on “Geistfest

  1. I dunno, the peel looks like an E.S. to me.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, it does the heart good to see celebration and offerings to the Holy Powers in a straightforward and beautiful way.

    • I keep coming up with a new combination every time I look at it. ES, JS, BS, GS, SSS…

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I enjoyed my time with my Guests, and it did me much good to spend the evening with loving memory.

  2. M.A. Rivera

    Everything looks so nice and tasty (the food). Many blessings to you!!

    P.S. Your apple ribbon looks like B.S. (the b is backward) I know, I know…but it does. It could also be J.S. if you consider the first half to be a ‘j’ written in script.

    • I have come up with about nine combinations, so.. I guess the divination is as clear as mud ;).

      Thank you! It was quite tasty!

  3. Have I ever mentioned before how amazing and inspirational you are? Because you are. 🙂 You’ve got me thinking of all the ways I could be clicking locally here (mostly, I’m thinking of all the opportunities I have missed, but I don’t think that should stop me, because animals f’ex are still doing things *now*).

    – Nykti

    • You make me blush. Thank you!!

      I would love to know what you learn about your locality, I’ll be stopping by your blog very soon!

      • Its all true! 🙂

        I’ll be sure to try to blog about it! Its been rather untouched for a while, and its weird how taking a break from blogging leaves you with a “wow, I feel like I’m so different now/in such a different place” kind of feeling?

      • It happens to the best of us ;). If one stops learning and changing, one stops living. And how could any living tradition work in that way?

  4. Funny you mentioned that, it’s the topic of my next blog!

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