A lot has happened in this past month.

photo 1

History was all around me, and I savored every moment.

I went to the Academy for training, across the state. It held my focus and attention, please forgive my absence. After graduation, I came home and offered a plethora of gifts in gratitude. I held quiet rituals in humble solitude, and before I went to bed – I blessed my polished boots.

I’m happy to be back in uniform, and it feels damn good to have a duty belt again.

The town is chock-full of history, around every corner. Old spirits, lingering like smoke in a bar. Not benevolent, not malevolent – but a neutral that took me some time to become accustomed to. They’re neither here, nor there. They’re neither listening, nor ignoring you. Neither coming, or going. It was something else.

I was haunted the entire time, by a single solitary crow. Whom eluded my camera like a pro. I do wonder if he kept coming back because I greeted him with “Why hello, my love!” Gorgeous bird.

It was in this town that I found my tarot deck. I had left it open, hoping that I would find ‘my‘ deck; but understanding the fact that it may just not happen for me. But it did!

photo 2

The Light And Shadow Tarot

I spent several evenings just studying the cards, the imagery, and their meanings. Then, I blessed it during the Brewer’s/Herbst Moon of September. (While most of my month has been spent at the Academy, I did manage to get preparations for brewing this winter. My yeast, my ingredients, are on their way!) I fell in love with the cards, each unique one. For the first time, I ‘heard‘ them speak. My fingers traced the lines, and my eyes caught each curve.

I’m thrilled to have a deck finally. Now, in the dark of the moon, I am using them for ritual purposes as well.

My skulls are almost ready, and in the next month I’ll be working with them as well. I’ve got several new additions, and I am looking forward to their insight.

I spent my time otherwise harvesting my large garden. I have more produce than I know what to do with!

photo 2

Oh no, that’s not even 1/4 of my harvest! I just couldn’t fit it all in one shot!

For a private garden, I was stunned.

photo 4

Again, just a portion of my garden.

photo 3

And… My one and only green bean.

My stove was a mess after the pickling, canning, and jams – but I’m pretty happy. Now, to find folks I can give them to!

It is Herbst today, and I honored the change in the seasons. It begins my darker half of the year, the Season of the Dead. I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to go hunting this year, but I intend to try. I held a solitary Ancestral Feast, of fresh salmon, my garden herbs and vegetables.

photo 3


It is also my Erntendankfest, or Thanksgiving. I blessed my house, my skinning knives, and I cast the bones and read the cards. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the signs of winter are coming in earnest.

It is the time when the Bear Mother leaves in my tradition, as well as seeing the bears of my state begin to hibernate. Some are early, some are later on. When She rests, the world rests with Her. I tended a cub over winter and most of this year, and it was time to bid farewell.

photo 2

Farewell little cub! Oh precious little one, I have brought you up in my home, And shared my nourishment. Now it is time, To return to our Mother. When next you see her, Speak well of me, And send blessings back to me.

The remainder of my evening will be spent playing my harp, leaving cream outside for the Good Neighbors, and the returning Ancestors. Their apex will be at Rauhnact, and I am prepping for my own quiet Day of the Dead coming up in October. Much Ancestral rituals are ahead of me, as I will spend my evening not alone, but with my Ancestors.


A good tidying up is in order, with milk and bread to feed them.

I hope your own celebrations are joyful, and rich with life as the Season of the Dead begins.

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One thought on “Herbst

  1. Glad to see that you are not missing just busy!. Hugs

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