Onwards and Upwards


Forgive me for being gone, due to the intense weather my wireless bullet was fried beyond repair. How it happened I am not certain, but it needed to be replaced. So, I got to wait until the company received a replacement. My house wasn’t the only one, hence why I had to wait. To the followers I’ve lost – sorry. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

So what have I been up to? Ending my machining career, and moving back to a law centered career. Hearing that call became too much for me, and I will be moving onwards from there. A huge shift in my life has occurred, and now to let the dust settle. I take up my sword anew as it were, and prepare.

In my downtime from the internet, I have been prepping to buy a house. When one works with Household Gods and spirits, that’s not so easy. For some it’s as simple as “I like it, I’ll take it.” I have to be patient, I know this. But I’m ready to move onwards. We’ll have to see.

Been finishing several projects, a staff and a set of knives. One of the last claw knives, a tad longer (by 3/4 inch) than it’s twins.


Real beauties, and sharp enough to cut this ol’ smithy’s fingers! Will be available soon!

photo 3

Beaver chewed ash sapling, white tailed deer antler (found by the highway), several stones and a large quartz. Wrapped in deer hide and elk hide. It is up for sale as a private auction, if you want more information post a comment to let me know.

My garden is sprouting in a whirl. I’m going to have more produce than I’ll ever know what to do with. Cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, tomatoes, herbs, corn… All growing proudly next to my tiny little current home. I have one pumpkin that already weighs 27 pounds! (It was an adventure weighing it too!)

photo 1

photo 2

During a powerful thunderstorm, I heard to call of the Avian One (Upperworld God of birds, society, the weather, the moon, and stars); and held my full Red Moon rituals. During this moon, I have received many requests via email to light a candle for several people. With my homemade oils I anointed the lights, and set them next to a council of white vessels to bear witness. I tapped the bones, and I chanted. The light in the window is actually a lightning burst I caught on camera!


With the council convened, I cast the bones as I asked my plethora of questions not only for myself, but a few requests. My hair stood on end as the ground thundered, and the air was thick both inside my house and out.


I use a rabbit skin because it is the herald in my tradition, and as a threshold creature it seems all too fitting to work with rabbit, as well as my beloved mink.

Got several more tattoos, and I’m thrilled:

photo 2

One of four, the fifth coming soon!

Have a new addition to the household: A very, very lost salamander I named Waldo:

photo 1

Catching worms, moths, grasshoppers and other insects has actually been a fun experience. He is pretty happy in his temporary terrarium.

And – made my spear finally!

photo 4

Sitting next to my front door for unwelcome visitors.

Currently finishing up some skull cleaning, and I’ll post about that when all’s finished. Collected several road kills, and their skulls are macerating nicely. In my new home when I find it, I am saving an animal to plant in that new home. Planting an animal guardian in one’s home is a time-honored tradition I will be carrying forward. I’m sorry, but the rest of that will be kept private (no offense).

For some time I moved the bear skulls to my bedroom and conducted nightly dream rituals, and my dreams have yielded enough that I’ll be thinking and researching on it for quite some time. I have started a journal to write them down as soon as I wake up, divining as I go. I am not sure what to expect, but most of the signs have been favorable. So, we’ll see.

So after all of these storms, hearing the sirens in the night… Offering tea to the Avian One and the other Gods, Vodka, Gin, fruit, salmon, milk, honey, and much more in gratitude. It’s been intense – feeling the roar through the floor of your home, hearing the roar outside… This summer has been a humbling one; a real test of my connection to Those I work with. I thought things were concreted before!

So, I may have been marooned from the online world, but I was not quiet. To those in the mid-west I hope you remain safe, and everyone is prosperous wherever you are!

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4 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Whoa, that’s a lot to catch up on. I admire your perseverance; that much work would leave me flat and stunned. My own summer has been nowhere near as busy; there’s been plenty of wildgathering certain herbs (althea, cranesbill, pokeweed, hemlock, meadowsweet, curly dock, rpses. peppermint, plantain, mugwort; the grapes are almost fully ripe, as are the holly berries, and the hawthorn berries are still green but won’t stay that way for long). I’ve also been working on cleaning several skulls and skeletons of my own; garter snake, rabbit, squirrel, yearling pig, whitetail doe, marmot, and rattlesnake. I have the bodies of a female possum to dig up; she’s been underground a year, as have two coyotes and the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen (35# easy); the mama possum’s 12 babies (death by car, alas) are all small enough to fit into individual baby food jars with water, to macerate. The marmot and rattlesnake are from Montana (Billings); the doe skull was from the southern part of Illinois. I’ve finished up a cycle of poems to complete an oath I took, and I have another set to finish before the autumnal equinox. Plus an herbalism column due in a week and a baker’s dozen of book reviews. I figure that’ll keep me busy until almost the end of October.

    Good luck and best wishes for a smooth and untroubled move. Even when nothing goes wrong, they can be far more work than we expected.

  2. Wow, that sounds like you’ve been incredibly busy!

    I’ll be on the move myself, soon, into my first home (eep!). Didn’t work with spirits, so for me it was more of the “it’s good enough, let’s do it” kind of thing, except it happened rather suddenly when we were looking at another possible purchase. But now I finally have room to grow and expand as a person and as a witch, which will be amazing. 🙂 It would be great to finally learn how to garden! (Alas, all potted plants die for me. 😦 )

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