July Moon: Thunder Moon

photo 5

More bone council…

Been working on finishing projects during this ‘super moon,’ of which for me was aptly named ‘Thunder Moon,’ – some are in the store, some… are private.

photo 4

Mule Deer Antlered Knife, with riveted sheath. Knife is wrapped in elk-hide.


photo 3

Hardened utility knife, in riveted sheath. I love the 550 cord wrapped handle, I have its twin and I use it frequently!


photo 2

During the Thunder Moon, I made many oils to work with.

A short post, mostly of action, and not much to report on – preparing for more tattoos, and finishing up some staffs. I’ll post those photos soon.


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3 thoughts on “July Moon: Thunder Moon

  1. Anne, do you still take commissions for leather sheathes? I’m thinking of finally getting my knife that you made a proper one. (I also have a niggling feeling I’ve asked you this before, but I wasn’t sure so thought I should ask again just in case!)

    – Nykti

    • Ah! You bought the ritual knife? I do take commissions for leather sheaths, send me an email (bottledhammer@yahoo.com).

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