Ah, summer. Normally filled with bugs, heat, and barbeques; this year it has been filled with tornadoes, torrential rain, floods, hail, lightning, and winds that knocked a few of the neighboring porches over. So, in normal years I create an effigy to parade around my home and douse with water to bring in nourishing rain. This year, I decided that this wasn’t necessary!


30 min after this storm raged overhead, one of many!

I built a fire when I was given a short break in the weather, of six woods loaded with paper wishes to attract my heartfelt desires. Leaping over the fire ensures one’s wishes come true – so in a low container I did just that, after a few shots of whiskey. Fishermen, hunters were out and about and I managed to talk to several of them, as I waited for my wood-fed smoker to heat up. I feasted on smoked meats and vegetables, with local fruits and locally grown salads. It is normal to give gifts this time of year, as it is at the Winter Solstice, seeing as I am alone now I treated myself to a few gifts and hours of retail therapy.

photo 1

Prayer, songs, strong drink, and laughter. Good times, even on my own!


Delicious local fish – marinated overnight and smoked… Oh my giggles it was wonderful!

This time of the year was filled with a balance ritual of fire and water – of floating a small candle on a paper float in a silver bowl of clear blessed water. Sorry, no photos of the sacred rituals (no offense). After all of this was said and done I put out the fire with the blessed water and let the steam cover me, and several leather pieces to add to my ritual blacksmithing, to be imbued with the ritual’s potency.

Giggled and sang to my garden, as my seeds are growing strong:

photo 5

Basil, lavender, green bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and more – I am delighted to see them grow!

During my break from the weather I wandered neighborly private property and wild-crafted several herbs and wildflowers to bedeck my home. My home was filled with the scent of cedar, juniper, pine, sagebrush, wild mint, and the gorgeous flowers of milkweed and bright wildflowers were set on my kitchen table. During this time I heard a strange mewing beneath my floor – and rescued Gertrude Munchin, an abandoned kitten in the care of a surrogate mother cat:

photo 4

Doing great and growing like a weed! Was stuck between the floor boards and the insulation.



Such a despised weed, makes such lovely blooms..


Bright sunny flowers for a sun-oriented solstice!


prayer beads

photo 2

After my hike, I began to make more rauchstocks.


photo 1

Pine, cedar, sagebrush – I’m quite excited to use them as fuel for the fires of Herbst!


I marveled at the various delicate blooms that were growing around in the area:


And since I am detained indoors for the time being, I have also been focusing on finishing several folk art pieces to place around my home, and I finished the day with a cream offering to the Good Neighbors who are at their apex at this time of the year:

folk art

Copper, green, gold, and white – sang by a shaman as she worked the rite.


This solstice was surprising productive and a wonderful experience, even though I was on my own and the storms raged with The Avian One’s wrath. I hope your own solstice was filled with magic, mayhem, and laughter.

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2 thoughts on “Litha

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Lots of awesome stuff going on! The retail therapy (hah!); the copper, green, white and gold, er. thing (it looks very lovely) and everything else! Very productive indeed! Much Summer-ly (or Summer-y?) blessings.

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