Bone Council, Dangerous Winds

Forgive me for not being online for a bit – dangerous weather has forced me to keep the computer off due to lightning within walking distance of my house. Winds have raged here for weeks off and on, and tornadoes have danced around my town. Many offerings to the Avian One (Lord of the Winds, Rain, and weather in general) were given as my heart raced more than once during my down time. Hearing the unleashed angry winds was humbling, and I used my time to divine, and even journey in trance.

Seeing the birds of the winds was a terrifying experience, following a large bird that the roar of it’s wings caused the thunder and His deafening scream had my head spinning for most of the following day. I couldn’t make out clearly what sort of birds they were, but I will not be forgetting them any time soon. So for the past week I’ve been scouring my books to learn more about folklore and myth surrounding birds.

photo 1

While I remain dubious of Animal Speak, I’m reading it for a starting place (better than none at all!).

The books I have digitally are “The Folklore of Birds,” by Edward A. Armstrong; and “Wings and Tails: Learning about Birds Through Folklore,” by Jennifer L. Kroll. Lots of reading! From the snowy owl that is seen in the Trois Freres cavern, to the Birdman Lascaux… My mind has been spinning.

In some parts of the US, the Owl’s hooting foretells a change in the weather, crows are also called ‘rain birds,’ as is the yellow-billed cuckoo (in fact this bird is also called ‘storm crow.’) Watching the direction of the geese during autumn and winter were sure signs of a blizzard, or a clear day. Flight to the east has shown me blizzards, flights more westward heralded calmer weather. But what of the summer?

Birds of wind, and thunder – I’ve been reading that the glint in their eyes cause lightning. There is much to think about, and there is sure to be plenty of wind, rain, and thunder in my future.

Held several Bone Councils, fed and shared with a Red Meal:


Used my bone tapper and worked the rite, and listened to their wisdom. Bones see, hear, and sense things that we cannot, though to many they are creepy, macabre, and silent – to those who can ‘hear’ them, they have volumes to say and show us. Bones are the White Fruit at the Tree that stands at the Crossroads, and to pick of their knowledge is to open yourself to a reality that only folklore can hint at.

Forgive me for not posting more – making notes for a major blog post about bird folklore. Given the angry winds – I hope it’s in the next week or so. I hope you all are safe, and comfortable where ever you are.



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