Working, Thinking

Been working full time, and coming home to forge. Every night this week I have gone to bed with tired arms and legs with a smile on my face. There is something so satisfying about answering the call of the Bear Mother and her Daughter. Gained some good headway on constructing the Daughter of the Bear’s hood-lamp:


Not finished yet, but getting there!


Been working on forms, iron jewelry, a hatchet, horse shoes (which will be popping up in the store later on this week), and finishing up some other knives. Finally got the steel to begin ritual swords too! WOOT!


photo 2

Torcs, bracelets, and steel for fire-making kits. Felt good to forge.


As well as other rituals once the sun goes down:


photo 3

Tonight I will convene the council of bones for hours of divination – check back soon!

Oh! Tried my hand at making a Tyr (sp?) rune necklace.


Steel, cotton, and silver. Thoughts anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Working, Thinking

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Pretty neat goings-ons (or however you say it!). It’s awesome the way you’re passionate about your…passion? Mucho blessings.

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