Working with Mink

The anniversary of my first work with Mink is coming up!

photo 2

His shrine is coming, in the meantime He’s in full view of the main living space.

I have my beloved Mink skull that was consecrated to Him at the first light of the waxing crescent, with the morning sun shining at dawn. Granted, this was just before I left for work, but I digress (Practicing practical rites does not require bells, whistles, or even long stretches of time. I’ve seen a potent ritual carried out in 30 seconds!). He is to me my white sentinel, my ‘silent’ witness. I am working on building a mini shrine for Him to reside in, and between Him (I won’t confess His name, it’s private), and Grandfather Raccoon, I think my up and coming counsel of bones should be very revealing!

I also plan on performing the Red Rite with them at the next full moon.

I have learned quite a bit about life from Mink’s quiet lessons. Also, about being freed from hoarding. Not just physical things, but thoughts, emotions, and people as well. If you take a hard look at your life’s inventory, you may be surprised how much hoarding you’ve been doing without realizing.  I sure as hell was!

He has taught me about being relentless, in my pursuits. Not just for happiness, but security, freedom, and that which I need for simply living. Just because I may be quiet, doesn’t mean my mind is, or that my spirit is mild. Not hardly.

Mink is an excellent spirit for divination work. Relentless in it’s search, and bold in it’s honesty. In my underworld work, the Mink has proven to be a formidable ally, and a handy guide. In legends, it is said that members of the Weasel family (such as the Mink) could kill the legendary Basilisk. On the 21st of September I set aside part of my Herbst meal for Him, reflect on what I’ve learned.

Mink does nothing in half measures – it’s all or nothing. No guts, no glory. He has taught me how to live life with all of my senses, in the moment. To listen with all of my senses while I cast the bones, because a message doesn’t have to be with one sense, but it can come with many. There are meanings within meanings, if that makes sense.

I heard a story about Mink, which I include here:

The Mink is a great theif. One night the animals held a council to discuss his antics. It was decided to burn him, to teach him a lesson. They worked together and finally caught the ellusive Mink, and they marched him to their fire. They threw him into it, and fanned the flames. The fire grew and grew. It wasn’t long before the smell of foul flesh filled everyone’s nostrils. When it was too much to bear, it was decided that he had been punished enough. So they pulled the poor Mink out of the fire, to cool him off. At this point Mink had turned black, and changes his coat color through the year due to this fire. When he is excited, nervous, or threatened he emits his foul odor that he gained from his trauma in the fire. It didn’t help however, because the Mink is as clever and as thrifty as he ever was. Now, he’s just quiet about it!





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2 thoughts on “Working with Mink

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Wonderful post. (I liked you’re previous one too.) Sounds like your adventures with Mink are coming along! By the way, I love your header image it’s..raw. Blessings.

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