Gearing Up….

Gearing up for summer – which is looking to be my most active yet. Finished the first of a set of six knives, two of which have antler handles (for utility knives) and the oaken handled one will be finished this weekend, with the others.

antlered knife

Two utility knives, the other sheath is coming, out of the remnants of elkhide I have left. The one on the right should be in the store by tomorrow.

Went to a historical Heritage fair, and walked amongst the accurate campsite, the historically re-built fort, and I picked the brain of the all too patient smithy on site.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 3

photo 2

I loved the site, the dedication to not just national history – but local. It was as if having a living history museum in my own backyard. Oh yes, I will be going again!

And, I’ll be trying my hand at historical axe forging. WOOT! I’m stoked to be branching out from knives to axes now, and I will post them in the store as I finish.

Spent the growing moon with a blood ritual by the light of the crescent. Due to private recent events and my desire to want to connect to my fellow Pagans, I remade and consecrated my bear claws for protection from trade beads I retrieved from the Heritage Fair. Red is the color of spiritual protection in my tradition, and, well – it is a protective measure for me being around others in a ritual context.

photo 4

Not the best photo, but it works. Touching history in this modern age is wonderful.

Also, got my fermenter santitized, and I will be making a batch of mead that should be ready by the Litha (June. 21). Here’s hoping. I’ll have the must started this weekend, and.. Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Saturday, starting at 2pm MTN, I will be hosting my own ‘Clearing of the Den,’ post for finding ritual items new homes.

Lots going on, this weekend should be filled with activity!

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