Ah, behold the first of May!

Hear the Good Neighbors and the things they say!

The parades walk amongst us now,

Moving thunderously silent, I know not how.


Today was spent in my home, getting the main living area back to normalcy. It was spent with blessings, petitions, offerings, and singing.

photo 4

Houses that make a street, oh of all the spirits I come to meet!

Bringing life to the home was the hallmark of today. Playing the drum, to begin the heart-beat and letting the walls drum for themselves. Placing blessed bones around the home felt so natural I was surprised with the change in the air.

photo 3

A jaw, a spirit, and a Mother too. I drank with them, yes, that is true.

photo 5

In the dark, there is one light. I chant the words, I work the rite.

Upon my stove, at the very center of my home (and opposite my altar) I petitioned, and offered. One anointed candle witnessed by the Daughter of the Bear, and her consort.

I filled the house with sacred smoke, then opened the windows to the windy air. I let the smoke take the old air with it. For any spirit-worker, it takes a devoted hand to turn one’s home into their ritual sanctuary. For me, my life is my ritual. I will be forging again soon, and on this night I re-blessed my hammers and tools. With the unchained winds howling around my home, the green on the branches and around my home, the birds singing as their perches sway… It seems more alive here than in all of the four years I’ve been of residence.

I offered whiskey to the toad Spirit of the Place, and I am starting a wall-box shrine to Him. Not sure how it will evolve, but with my new freedoms I am uninhibited to expand, learn, and bring my tradition from a formerly hidden place, right into the main living space itself. It felt more right than I can describe, and I felt more joyous than I’ve felt in many years. It was like coming home, even though I was the one who painted the walls, repaired the house, and lovingly listened to the bones and spirits to place them where they wanted to be.

Sigh. I hope that made sense.

This year I celebrated the 1st of May, as I connect it strongly to the Daughter of the Bear, her consort, and The Red Horseman. It was filled with magic, my fingers tingled and my stomach tickled. I danced, I sang. On this Thursday, I petitioned for rain, and blessings.

I hope your 1st of May is a wonderful one – don’t forget to leave creme for the Good Neighbors!

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