Meeting Others

8 thoughts on “Meeting Others”

    1. I plan on making a trip to your home this summer – I’m concreting plans and financial budgets, but I do plan on visiting!

  1. Ah, the quandary! Tumblr has much to answer for -I am amazed at how many under-30s are experts! But it’s just one of those things, I thought I was hot shit then too.

    As far as pagans go, I admit I have given up on that one; in the if it ain’t Druid no one has any idea what I am on about and they just dismiss me as “American” (with all the disdain Brits people can manage to muster on the word). I am tall, loud, also tend to swear a fair bit, but I am these things mostly as I am painfully shy and don’t do well around humans in general.

    So, truth be told I tone that down. Yes, really. I wear a more domesticated face around strangers until they get to know me a bit. But that’s something I think everyone does. I don’t consider that to be “selling out”; I think of it as useful camouflage. Especially as being “just me” put people off. As the odd one out it wasn’t up to the crowd to change, it was up to me to adapt. I’ve learned to adapt a bit – humans can change a bit if need be.

    I wish you luck on it! Social interaction is an intricate quadrille. I still don’t know the right steps.

  2. I’ve all but given up on trying to connect with polytheists and co-religionists too. For some reason I gravitate toward the spirit-workers–I guess it’s the poetic way in which you guys talk… Or maybe it’s just that your knowledge sounds so familiar to me even though I’ve never done what you all have done–but I don’t spirit-work. Most of my day is drawing comic books and being a rather mundane artist. Connecting with other artists is hard enough as it is.

    I’m going to be attempting to dip my toes into the BDSM scene in my husband’s city. But I don’t want anything to do with exhibitionist sex during play parties, so that limits us tremendously.

    Idk. All in all I’ve learned that there are different “me”s. It’s not that I’m withholding parts of myself, it’s just that there’s no reason for them to even come out. If you’re a foodie and like beer, we’ll get along. If you like robots and SF, we’ll get along. If you work with wights and spirits of place, we’ll get along. If you’re not homophobic and transphobic, we’ll get along.

    Anyways, you’re far more interesting than me, so I think you’ll find some wonderful people eventually.

    1. I wish you all the luck in your Husband’s city. It’s been a tangled web to talk to people lately. I cannot quote a passage from a book like they can, I cannot name all of the things I’ve seen. But, there’s got to be some people in this state that I can sit down, drink with, and talk to! There’s got to be!

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