April Moon: Grass Moon

This moon with the eclipse was an intense experience for me. For the first time in months I conducted another oracle. I ceased them due to drama, health concerns, time restraints, and other worldly problems that the Gods and spirits weren’t willing to wait for.

So, into the eclipse I sought my answers. Came back with a clarity I haven’t had for some time. I admit, it felt weird to have such clear thinking. I sat for some time letting it sink in, and I’m still getting used to it. Now, the answers I received are hard to take, but most answers that come that clearly usually are. I cast the bones, and got similar results.

Picture 1153

Warm glowing candles, quiet in the house, the skulls came to life by the clear light of the moon that crept in through the window.

I finished the dining room in my renovations, and my little home is looking good. Welcomed a new mink skull, and worked with my antelope skull now that our relations have improved.

Picture 1149

Moved to the main living space, my altar is now my hearth. Feels damn good!

Picture 1151

I wish this photo was better – the coyote skull seemed to wink in the candlelight.

Picture 1152

Letting the new mink skull settle in with everyone else.

I finished the night with calm, chilled glass of gin with bruised mint, and several instrumental records played on my gramophone. Next weekend I’ll be setting up my own auction post – now that I’m filling a moving box full I hope the ritual items can find new homes.

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