Rennovating The Den

10 thoughts on “Rennovating The Den”

    1. If you and any other readers would like – I can set up a gallery. There are so many photos of the glossy black cabinets, the stone floor, etc.

      1. I would love to see a gallery if you wanted to post one. Seeing what you are able to do has inspired me to work on setting up my own spaces in a more sacred manner. It makes me feel so much better once I rearrange things to flow better, or even cleaning and redoing a whole room.

    2. I can’t thank you enough – I thought the colors and the washing wouldn’t work. I admit my shyness (as my second reply) on posting it.

      1. I can understand, I have a lot of anxiety in sharing with others about my path. I am glad you decided to share with us about your Work and the magic you have been able to create.

  1. Those greens sure do look magical to me. In fact, they look like they’re shimmering, moving. This might sound corny but I always wanted to paint my room (at least) with some kind of naturey stuff however it hasn’t happened yet. It’s awesome that you can have your altar in your main living space cause if you can’t have stuff where you want it – where it should be – in your home then…wtf? By the way, I love the vase/pot with what seems to be a bear on it. Blessings.

    1. That pot is actually my original well for my altar. It was placed beneath due to space, and I down-sized and placed it back. Feels good, honestly. If you’d like a gallery, let me know of the kitchen! I can even do a tutorial of the ‘black washing,’ I did of the kitchen. Blessed paints n’ all.

      1. See, I thought the pot was your well but I wasn’t sure if I remembered it correctly or not (cause I didn’t recall the bear on it). A gallery would be pretty cool, by the way. Blessings.

      1. Yea that’s understandable and I think it’s very cool that you’re branching out. Personally, I’m bad when it comes to sharing stuff about myself cause either I think my stuff is not good enough or just rehashed stuff or whatever the case maybe. In any case, keep it at! Blessings.

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