Ostern,’ is still the name I use for this holiday – haven’t heard much from the Gods, spirits or Ancestors to change it. So, after years of using it – I suppose it’s permanent. Works for me!

I actually got up at dawn, cheered to the rising sun – then slept peacefully for another three hours. It was nice to sleep in for a change. Spent the morning cleansing the house, honoring the Bear Mother’s rise in the spring, the Daughter of the Bear’s renewal of the world’s lights, the Antler’s Weaver’s return to her spinning, and the chasing of the old year out of the house.

Took some time to re-bless my ritual tools, ritual jewelry, my skin bottle (coming soon), the bone-room itself, the house, and every breathing body within it. Yep, even the dogs. I chanted, sang, and hummed as I finished my spring rites. Pulled out two wreath-starters to build summer and autumn wreaths, we’ll see what happens.

Picture 1109

The hearth-bowl fumed wonderfully, the warm glow of the oil lamp filled the room.

Picture 1110

Happy to work with the well back on the altar!

Fresh linens on the bed, fresh bodies after bathing, re-freshening the home and hearth – sure there was snow on the ground but the air was lighter than it had been for some time.

Got to cooking some spring foods:

Picture 1102

German Rouladen which was delish!

Along with fish, black eyed peas, fresh salad, hard-boiled eggs, along with fruit the feast was delicious, and filling. With our feast, we were accompanied by the skulls, and we dined together. With the gramophone playing an old record – it felt like a feast outside of time, yet embraced in both.

Picture 1113

With the ice/water skull, the fire skull, and the bear-cub we feasted together.

Checked on my deer skin, legs, and doe skull, and all are coming along nicely. Looking forward to further developments! Added some new items to the store:

Picture 1086

Small charm pouch.

Picture 1085

Boar’s tusk necklace.

Picture 1084

Beaded antler necklace.

Picture 1081

Antler pendant.

Picture 1114

Private commission for Jungo/ Jongo – a wolf’s fang necklace with a hematite stone. I hope he likes it!

Today was a good day – I was able to have some retail therapy from one of my favorite online stores Smoke and Fire, in which I will wait impatiently for the package to arrive! I adore this store – for an American folk practitioner it keeps me in touch with history yet able to carry history into my own modern life. Awesome!

Spent the evening listening to 50’s radio recordings and laughing at the plethora of stories and jokes.

I hope your spring is filled with laughter, stories, and the company of loved ones. Gesegnete Ostern!

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