March Moon: Rising Moon

This is the first full moon of this (now late) ritual year, where the dawn of the year is appearing. Buds are blooming, and the weather is getting warmer slowly but steadily. Rabbits have been spotted frequently, heralding the true arrival of spring!



Been finishing up the private projects for friends, and spring cleaning. Oh my – can a house become cluttered over winter!

Finished up a new spirit house:

Picture 1069

Middle-aged raccoon skull – so contented in his sticky paws I made a home for him.

Oh! Been working with Old Stormalong for a divination set using shells – if anyone knows a good source for research – PLEASE let me know!

Picture 1063Finally got the iron chips and incenses (with a powder) into the store, granted the containers are less than glamorous – but they do the trick.

Picture 1066

Can’t beat a secure container!

Picture 1065

Picture 1062

Working with a handful of worry-dolls, and true enough – they do help your dreams, your worries, and give clarity of mind!

I looked at the altar, as I took a moment of pause during my fury of spring cleaning – and trying to commune with the bones lately has been akin to sitting at a table with six other people – all of them talking to you simultaneously! I offered an alternative – a bone shrine – in which I can commune, and let them rest without any other ritual work getting in the way. They agreed, after a two week consideration (best not to push the old bones).

Picture 1071

Anyone who works with bones knows that sometimes the vessels have trinkets and items they are fond of – and I placed them with the bones on their shrine.

I was thrilled to give a permanent place to the other spirit houses, a place that they can truly rest and not be disturbed. Some of the trinkets made sense, while others – well, I scratched my head and nodded. Sometimes, we just like what we like – and verbal bones aren’t that different. They just speak in their own way.

This moon was full of change – to my own altar having a well and a hearth-bowl once again was superb to work with! The bone shrine went together smoothly, and the house is ‘feeling’ more air than it has in some months. Can’t complain.

Simplicity is one of my by-words. Always has been. The Sacred does not need to be complicated, or overwhelmed by bells and whistles. There are so many times that I take all of them away- because they are distractions for the deeper trance work I’m doing. Just because it’s fancy or dressed up doesn’t mean it’s more ritually potent. I was honored enough to see an altar to the sea that contained one sea-turtle shell (with ribs still there) and holed stones. Still makes me contemplative when I think on it.

With rising river water that I keep in a sacred glass jar (and refill yearly) I wiped the tables and room clean, and returned all things to their places. I swept and used a ritual wash on the floors – not just the ‘bone-room,’ but the whole house. It isn’t done, but I will wait a few days for the waning moon to be ‘rid of,’ the old year. And then – prepare for the ritual new year.

Thank you dear readers for the links! I will be trying the new year in March (reading German again was new for me, but I loved the challenge!) and I learned that in Bavarian Germany March was a new year for some time, and I will honor the pull to this date this year. We’ll see how it goes.

There will be a private auction soon – of books, tools, resin-cast incense burners, and other things on this blog (about three weeks, maybe two) so don’t miss it!

So for tonight and tomorrow I will finish preparing goodie-packages for AJ and Jen – with letters, and finishing my house-cleaning. I hope your own full moon is full of new things, new ideas, and good change.

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2 thoughts on “March Moon: Rising Moon

  1. Ha. I bet you thought I wasn’t paying attention! Looking forward to the package and *letter*! Hugs!

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