So I’ve been gone for a bit – went to Florida for a short vacation and for a change in scenery. I left the snow-covered terrain of my home for the hot, humid, and muggy Floridian climate. Whew did it hit me when I left the terminal!

Picture 904

Greeted by a bear – I waved, I admit it.

Visited my beloved Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, and it’s a guarantee that if there is one in town – I’m visiting. At the bottom of this post are some photos of the museum in Orlando – for such a small museum I spent 1 1/2 hour in there, just staring and reading. I got to the room with drums playing on a television/overhead speakers by tribal-men and I almost fell over in complete trance. It was an old recording – but it did the trick regardless.

It was so odd- I felt as if I was being crushed, but exploding out at the same time. Best way to describe it is play-doh being squeezed out of it’s plastic can.

I got lead out of that room and taken to a new one and I felt much, much better. Another reason why I love those museums – the potency! The workers there were so patient and helped with the photos. Good people if you ask me!

Orlando is such a strange city – so young, yet so old. I kept hearing shouts, instead of voices, and it made it so damned hard to sleep I had to have  salt beneath my mattress. Not much was understandable – but it reminded me of a mall on Black Friday. Loud, brain-pounding, and aggressive. So many forms that were just out of sight, so many felt memories – it was intense.

Strange place. But I will visit again (I’m weird that way.)

I was able to take my shaman items with me on the plane (for Pete’s sake, they’re spiritual items, what am I gonna do? Bless you? Heal you? Listen to your problems? Pour you the drink the attendant gave you?)

Which is what happened on the flight – the person next to me noticed my bear-claw necklace and bird-foot pendant and began talking to me. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – just surprised me, is all. To my mind, with my tattoos and attentive demeanor I’d think I’d turn people away. Huh, that’s what I get for assuming I suppose.

Visited Universal Studios, had a blast – but that was only part of one day, afterwards there was a plethora of driving to odd places and walking. I found ways in Orlando to fulfill promises made years ago (which made me very, very happy) and I came home with so many treasures.

Made a new friend – ‘Jongo.’ Good guy, groovy company – and I adored his sense of humor. Will make a point to visit again!

Not only that – but so many project ideas that I will be exploring them this weekend. I’ll post Sunday or maybe Monday night (depending).

And now – for the gallery:

Picture 1016

ME. Every Monday morning.

Picture 1022 Picture 925 Picture 926 Picture 930 Picture 928 Picture 927 Picture 932 Picture 936 Picture 937 Picture 942 Picture 941 Picture 938 Picture 943 Picture 946 Picture 953 Picture 978 Picture 967 Picture 957 Picture 979 Picture 982 Picture 999 Picture 1009 Picture 1007

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5 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. I’m jealous that you got to go somewhere WARM!

  2. These are some really cool photos. Thank you for sharing part of your trip! The skull bowl is pretty awesome, and the first picture is hysterical.

    I’m much in the same boat when I wear my necklaces, especially my Ancestor and Odin necklaces. It’s just something about them that bring out the questions and fascination in people. It’s kind of fun to see who asks what questions. ^_^

    • I’m glad you liked the photos! Yea, that first photo is me to a ‘T’ when I get up on Monday.

      Here I thought that as a shaman, I’d make people nervous with claws, bones, a bird’s foot, a wooden tobacco pipe in my mouth, and also my so-called (what I’m told) intensity in person. But lo and behold – people wanted to TOUCH me, not just my things.

      However, I did intimidate many also – like that poor lady on the E.T. ride. Sigh, I feel so bad now.

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