Whatever the Weather

Had the first of several spring feasts this weekend, with delicious roast and oven-roasted potatoes, with all sorts of other sides and fixin’s! Good stuff!

Picture 867

Oven-roasted potatoes – part of the first of several spring-time feasts! The plaque is one I made this weekend to honor the Antlered Weaver.

I’m debating on adding my plaques to the store – mostly because they are tradition oriented, and I’m not sure if anyone else would be interested. They are slivers that were carved from the same lightning struck elm that one of the antlered staves is made from – still figuring out how to ship it without the USPS bickering about it. Will keep at it – no worries there.

With all the horrible weather we’ve been having, I haven’t had a chance to forge yet. Every time I have time and I am eager to swing the hammer – we’re hit with a snow storm. Figures. I’ve got some new designs for antler handled knives- small utilitarian knives and the start on an antlered bowie knife. Starting to get antsy about it – ready to get to it!

A west wind blew for most of the day – a yellow wind named Favon. It is very much a communicative wind, of charm, thinking, and divination. So I threw the bones several times to some questions I’ve been having and noted their answers.

The biggest question is something that’s been hanging on my mind for three years. I can’t find much information on it, but several Continental European calendars began on ‘Lady’s Day/ Lady Day,’ basically the Spring Equinox. If anyone knows a good website or book – point it out to me for further research. Moving one’s calendar is a monumental move, and I’m taking many, many nights to divine about it, think on it, and work with my Gods on this issue. So far everything is ‘thumbs up,’ but I’m a stubborn one and I’d like to do more research.

We will see how everything pans out from the forging to the calendar.



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5 thoughts on “Whatever the Weather

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Mmmm, good-looking potatoes. I really like the plaque and, although I’ve not really acquainted myself with the Weaver I think it’d be a good tool plus nice piece of art. I’m guessing you’d also make one/some for the Bear Goddess too? Many blessings on your future projects!

    • I do plan on making one for the Bear Goddess, and I’m finishing up a larger one for Her as well. Finishing a black and white summoning plaque, maybe private sale through this blog. I’m not sure yet. Ready to break out the metalworking tools though! Daughter of the Bear has been hounding lately!

    • I’m glad you like the plaque – thank you for the comment!

  2. Sindr

    Hello there, the plaque does look lovely. On the “Lady’s Day”, I have a little information on that, thanks to an Icelandic blog and my own Norse ancestry – give this a bit of a glean and a read:


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