*Due to the high winds in the area, our wireless internet has been acting up lately. So – I post this link instead to the documentary.

I just saw the first episode of the Vikings, on the History Channel. I’m a direct descendant (one of many) of Ragnar. I got goosebumps withing a few minutes – watching a story of my OWN Ancestor! Bad-ass!

Here is a documentary about the Vikings themselves. If you know of a Germanic or Celto-Germanic, or even a Celtic one, let me know. I would rather be a book and documentary fan, than what I’ve seen recently from other media… In all honesty.

Granted, I am not sure if I fit into the ‘Heathen,’ definition. From the dictionary sources I do, but from a practitioner’s perspective – I’d love to just sit down with a Heathen, and see how we relate. Who knows… Given enough rum.

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