February Moon: Snow Moon

Even though snow is still lingering, the frost still in the air and all of the greenery still sleeps, I brought in fresh flowers in offering for the coming spring. I have not seen the Daughter of the Bear’s heralds yet, but I keep my eyes keen whenever I’m outside. For now, the Bear Mother still sleeps.

Picture 861

I found old playing cards half-buried in the snow-covered dirt, in a small patch that was snow-free. I looked around but I only found the four. So, I presented them to the Avian One.

I offered fresh farm eggs that were given to us from a friend, his chickens laying far too many eggs after a time of barrenness. I thought the offering was appropriate, along with milk, whiskey, nuts, and a fresh apple.

Picture 862

Three bundles and a ritual knife about to be blessed.

The bundles were blessed and as we speak I’m putting them into the store. In the coming days I’ll keep adding more, and I am cleaning the containers for my powders, iron chips, and incenses.

So far, so good – I’ll keep chipping away until I’m done. It was a quiet moon for me, spent some time practicing on my lap harp and re-tuning my fiddle. I feel change in the air – even if I can’t see it yet.


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4 thoughts on “February Moon: Snow Moon

  1. Hugs. I don’t feel a change but I see the days are longer. We’ve got more snow than I ever wanted to see at one time.

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