Quiet with the Bear Mother

I sat still for some time tonight, just thinking on all of the things I’ve learned from the Bear Mother from start to finish. There are some years to take in, and so many lessons to chew over in my mind. The candles flickered, the air was still. But my mind – was a whirlwind.

The Skulls of Fire and Ice/Water

Offerings of alcohol, bread, sweets, cookies, nuts, and rose-hips were given.

I began my lessons with Her as a metalworker and blacksmith. It’s a point of view I know well, and has aided me in many interactions. Sure, Arta is a metalworker – of copper. Primal metalwork. But She is more than that- the mother of warrior-kings, berserkers, and stout folk in general. She is the mother of healers, the medicine makers and ointment placers – the chanters that chant sickness away. She is the quintessential Shaman, the one of rites and rituals. Mostly, She is the eldest Ancestress of my house.

As the Ancestress, there is little She cannot remember. Her children embody Her memory and then some – such as the smithy goddess: Daughter of the Bear. If I had approached Her as anything but a smithy, would I have met the Daughter of the Bear? I’m not sure, in all honesty.

I sit, and I think on the mysteries of fire and ice/water. In so many mythologies the two forces are creation itself. Not just of metalwork, but of medicine, martial arts, magic, songs, and even people. To approach Her underworld home is to begin the journey in becoming whatever it is in you to become. One of the many mysteries within the duo of fire and ice/water is creation on many levels. It goes beyond even my own metal work and crafting. It goes beyond medicine (plants that cool/freeze to those that heat) and beyond most arts. But, it is all of them together. I hope this makes sense.

So it is this, that I have come to understand about her – the abundance and wisdom that comes with all of her mysteries and lessons. I let my mind think on all of it, and I began thinking of art projects to reflect this. What will come of this – well, we’ll all have to see (including me!).

Despite the unholy-hectic schedule of my life right now, I still find more time in-between those times (if that makes sense as well) to be still, and quiet. I didn’t realize that once you get into the habit of it, it becomes more and more ingrained in your life. It isn’t any easier, but more of a natural part. Sigh. I wish I could explain it better.

So this is where I ended up at the end of the mental sojourn – and as I venture into the Upper Worlds further, I will take this lesson with me.


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