Thoughts during a Winter Storm

So, we’re possibly snowed in now with the temperature dropping still like the snow. We’ll find out in a few hours if we can budge the car, but from the looks of things… I’m doubtful.

So, I’m finishing up a knife sheath and claw-knife handle, sewing little leather bundles that will be blessed on the full moon, re-knotting my ritual beads (used as a counting device during chants), finishing an antler pendant, and painting ritual plaques.  Still working on getting small containers for the powders and incenses. As soon as I have some, I’ll post them in the store. I hope you like them. And I’ll be adding a boar’s tusk necklace, plain, in the store soon as well. It is one of the two I was given, I have one for Underworld workings, but the other… Strangely never seemed to belonged to me. So, I hope that via my store it can find it’s home.

Also, working on making a necklace that I’ll use in healing rituals. I used to place the charms on the body as I worked, and I think an necklace would be much more effective for those I am healing. In any case, easier to work with. Got some rough elk-hide left, I think I’ll use that as a base.

Depending on the weather, I think I’ll finish up carving the wood-projects (A forked elm staff from the same tree that was struck by lightning, and the spider-wand from that tree too. Also an aspen goose-wand.) that I started.

On the 2nd of this month I watched for any signs of the heralds of spring – the rabbits and hares. The Daughter of the Bear, not only is She a smithy, with serpentine and egg associations, but the rabbits and hares as well. The tender of the hearth-fires, and restorer of the lights of the world will announce the stirring of spring (the arrival of the Bear Mother from her winter sleep).

I can feel the ease in the Season of the Dead, as they return from whence they came – despite the icy chill in the air. The trees shine and glisten in the wind, icicles hang everywhere – things don’t appear to be waking up… But looks can be deceiving.

I stood for a moment today outside, with the heavy snow-fall falling horizontally past my face as my coat’s hood was up – the bill of my beloved hat becoming icy. In that silence, I took a note that many do not want deal with. Even I’ve been guilty. I ended up with cold-burn from the frigid temperatures. But it was worth it.

It was that silence, that I let seep into my mind. I hear the whistle on the wind, and it’s almost rhythmic. (I took note of it and began humming it later on once back indoors.) I stood outside, and listened to the cracking ice-saturated branches, trees that will bud and be leafy again before too long – for now silent and asleep. A fox scurried across my snowy footprints behind me, and a black cat was to my left carrying a mouse back to her den. Low-flying geese honked over my head, fighting the snow and the higher winds, the sun barely visible through the clouds.

It’s that stillness, that makes many people (even me before I began re-training myself), turn on the radio, television, YouTube, etc., to blot out that thunderous ring. That ring that makes time slower, the colors more apparent, and every movement you make more dramatic. Because, you notice them – the fly buzzing on the wall, the noise your nails make when you scratch an itch, the crunch of the carpet as you walk on it.

That silence is inclusive – which is why I think it bothers people. There is a protective barrier with separation, a way of placing space between not only us, but with the Gods, spirits, Ancestors, and the larger worlds that encompass it. If your window is open, you notice the flutter in the breeze. You notice the sound your hair makes if you run your fingers through it – or in my case, the sound of my own breathing and how my breath looks in the cold air. I heard whispers around me, that let me know that while the Season of the Dead is waning, it is still active.

I felt out of time, out of space itself for a few moments. It felt like ten minutes, but I was only outside for two or so. I blink myself back and return to my machining inside. I do think I might understand why it bothers people- because the separation gives the person a lens, and a way to approach things on their own terms. Take that away with silence, and you basically nose-dive into it. We are so used to go-go-go, and noise-noise-noise that a hard slap of silence can be hard to take. It’s hard to be still when we are raised from youth to never be.

I feel that I’m on the verge of learning something profound – or maybe I’ve already seen it and haven’t mentally digested it yet. Not sure. I’ve been having more of these moments ever since I shook my fists at the morning sun, and lingering morning moon and shouted “Alright! I’m a f***ing Shaman! Happy now?”

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts during a Winter Storm

  1. Oh Anne, it arrived today!!! I’ve had the barest of glimpses at it, and have to run out the door so there wasn’t even time for us to introduce ourselves to each other but my Gods! The care you’ve taken crafting this knife, the energy that it already has thrumming trough it… it is breathtakingly beautiful and I cannot thank you enough! You are an artist indeed! Thank you so very much, from the absolute depths of my being.

    • I’m so glad you like it! WOOT! I’m also glad it made it (I was worried with all of the new customs requirements). That made my day!

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