Working, Forging, Sewing, etc..

28 thoughts on “Working, Forging, Sewing, etc..”

      1. I shall speak with my dear darling husband and get back to you in a few hours when he gets home – I will be getting the knife at the very least. How would you prefer payment? *so excited!*

      2. Do you want me to make a separate listing? Paypal works for me :). Let me wrap the handle for you, and I can make a listing for you in no time. Glad you’re excited!

      3. No thank you to the sheath, but yes please to the knife (Hubs is very happy – this is my Valentine’s present!) and I shall purchase it right this very second. Have you a rough idea what postage will be? Thank you thank you thank you!

      4. Sure! Do you want black, tan, green, electric blue, elk-hide, or light-blue suede wrapping? Or a combo of the two? I’ll custom wrap it for you right now 🙂

  1. Was reading this morning and found a couple of pages on a traditional blacksmith holiday in Sussex that you might be interested in. I know you are American but I thought you may still enjoy it. I took photos of the pages so I can send through email if you have a public one!

    I know this seems random since I never comment, but I read very post you make through my email!

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