Working, Forging, Sewing, etc..

Been working on the inventory to get it up and running – I really hope everyone likes what will be in there. Adding a bowie knife that will have an antlered handle, and finished a small knife for those who don’t want a large one.

Picture 838

It’s going to be waterproofed, then it’ll be ready!

Picture 840

Carving the antler ought to be an interesting experience…

The curved knife in the photo sliced my finger twice as I held it and looked it over, so I’m pretty tickled at it’s keen edge. I tested it with scrap material, and all the knives I’ve finished recently will cut 1/4 inch thick leather. With a smile I finish making sheaths for them.

Received a deer skin from a co-worker this week, and I finished preparing the skin for tanning. The skull is now being macerated, and well – it’s gonna be a minute until it’s skull is ready. Loved the calm I felt from her though, that’s certainly nice. I do wonder what I’ll learn from her when she’s ready.

Picture 835

Yep, that’s one of my own knives that I use for – well, almost every damn thing. Sharp enough to shave with it cleaned the skin wonderfully despite it’s big size.

Her legs will be placed in the store, or at least one of them, as they are being prepared in salt.

Picture 836

Singing in the sunshine felt nice, with the break in the weather I was able to stay outside long enough to continue some knives along in forging. Before I did it – I re-blessed the forge to the Daughter of the Bear, and the Bear-Mother herself – in the creation process of metalworking. I thanked the Avian One for giving this smith a chance at mild weather, and the sun for warming my back. Once I had those done, I returned inside to finish some mini-charm bags and other pouches.

Picture 841

Sometimes a big pouch is just too much. So, with these 1inch (approx) pouches maybe someone may need one. Thinking of making one for myself actually. The red one is the one I finished tonight, will be adding a strap tomorrow.

So, I had a pretty good day – and my shoulders and arms are happy to have their use after a long break due to chilling weather conditions. I still do not have a formal smithy yet, hoping for one soon…

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28 thoughts on “Working, Forging, Sewing, etc..

  1. Does the bloodthirsty curved knife have a home, and if not, might I enquire as to price, please?

  2. Could I ask how long it is, roughly? Thank you so much!

  3. Was reading this morning and found a couple of pages on a traditional blacksmith holiday in Sussex that you might be interested in. I know you are American but I thought you may still enjoy it. I took photos of the pages so I can send through email if you have a public one!

    I know this seems random since I never comment, but I read very post you make through my email!

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