Radio Show and Updates..

I was on Wyrd Ways with Sannion and Galina. Yep, I was nervous – I admit it. I’m human. I have nothing against Spero, I just hate the publication process – the whole ‘set in stone,’ thing bothers me. I’ve learned so much since then – I’d love to add it to my book. But it isn’t so simple. Sigh.

I’d like to think I didn’t come across as an asshole, I tried not to. Sigh – Boy howdy did I try! And, my internet crashed right when I needed a URL, but picked up once I hung up the phone. Pff – typical.

I’m an ornery soul, just be warned if you haven’t heard the podcast. Yep, I’ve been to combat and back – and really – I’d rather buy you a beer than fight you. Honestly. So, with trepidation, I was live, on the air. They invited me. On purpose. Gods help us all.

But for this December Moon I built spirit houses, and a ‘vine’ charm for personal work. It is a continual prayer of sorts, that you can add to anytime you’d like to. Here’s how to make it: (yep, a freebie.) I’m terrible at explaining things online, but a pro at showing you in person… So… Here goes.


-Wool yarn, red.

-Three equal lengths of cord, green. Two colors is good, three different hues is best.


Red cord, for binding.

Paper, with the wish written on it seven times. (I recommend pencil or ball-point pen)

First, melt wax on low heat in a pot or pan. Then, with a paintbrush you don’t mind ruining, paint the wax onto the wool yarn (careful as the wax is hot… Try to avoid burning your fingers! I’m a blacksmith with ‘fireman’s hands,’ so it doesn’t hurt me so much!)

Picture 822

Dip the paper in the wax. Wrap the paper with the yarn, until you form a ball. I recommend crumbling the paper into a ball before the wax. Keep wrapping until a little ball is formed. Paint the wax into the yarn to seal it in.

Once you have wrapped the prospective number of ‘berries,’ for the ‘vine,’ then onto the next part.

Braid the the green cords. Keep the charm in mind, sing songs that bring the charm to mind, even if they are modern ones. Chants, or a story spoken over the braid will work too. We each have our own!

Picture 823

My own ‘vine.’

As you add the ‘berries,’ of your wish, wrap any extra green cord around the berries to secure them in place. Hang where it will be seen, but not disturbed.

If you want extra potency, bind the vine with the red cord. Stitch it, wind it, it’s up to you. It’s your vine.


Other than that, I spent the December Moon building spirit houses for the spirits that live in my home. Hey, they need a ‘space,’ too.

Picture 824

Two Spirit Houses.

More Upper-world work, learning more than I can describe in words. I’m taking notes, and will be compiling them. But for now, it’s off to understand things further.

Preparing for Rauhnacht, of my Yule. Twelve days of divination, feasting, merry making, laughter, ghost stories, and more. I hope your festivities are just as meaningful, and potent!

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show and Updates..

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Hah, I love your humour. Also, I really love your vine/charm it’s a wonderful idea! (And looks rather artful too the way you executed it.) Blessings.

  2. I thought it was an excellent show!

    In the coming months, I hope I might be able to commission a few things from you…do you do spear-heads? And I’ll need a gladius-esque sword eventually as well…

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