Working with the Upper World

I took my first flight to the Upper World earlier, to see what I could see. Now, I’ve been working on Seb’s monthly meditations, and the third week is what hit me the most: Void. So with the conjure table set, the rauchstocks lit (translated, just means ‘smoke sticks), I leaned back and left myself.

Picture 815

I set the conjure table up for my many workings..

The Upper World, is about that, and more. The Underworld, that which I am familiar with the most, is unlike the Upper World of thought, and ideas. The Underworld is mystery, form, and transformation, the middle world is a mixing bowl of idea and form, the Upper World… Is it’s own animal.

I took what I had pondered on with Seb’s emails, and took a different approach to the Upper World: Absence of emotion. In the Upper realms emotion has no place, nor position – and sadly, if you’re a feeling human like me… You take some of that with you regardless. And yes, you’ll be a fish out of water.

I wasn’t greeted by some ‘heavenly’ place, but rather a blindingly bright night sky, the stars infinite, and the moon was the bright lantern in the sky. For the moon is the reflection, the nightly thoughts of the day. The moon is the dreamer’s lantern, and the prophet’s light. It is a masculine place, make no mistake about it – but a place to learn first, then to venture to the Underworld to flesh out the meaning behind what you’ve learned. I hope that makes sense.

However, a prophet doesn’t feel for herself, the dreamer doesn’t think of just himself – but more than that.

Sorry it’s not epic, but it’s a start. And, I’m still working on the bailing wire frame for the ritual mask. Still working on it… I’ll do my damnedest to keep you posted.



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One thought on “Working with the Upper World

  1. L

    I’ve always gotten the impression of a sort of emptiness from the upper world, and I think you’ve nailed it. Being asexual and genderless and not particularly inclined to romance has always made me feel like I was “above”, clean and clinical, and all of what you describe that place being like is so familiar in a poetic self sort of way… that’s probably why I’m so fascinated by the dark. Always digging -down-.

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