November Moon: Dark Moon

So on a horrifically windy weekend, I prepared for the November moon, in which this year I intended to banish and be rid of some things that needed to go, some time ago. This weekend, the timing was more right than I can tell you with time taken to note the omens, and by what I learned by throwing the bones. And given the time of year, I also worked for that which I’d like to see come my way.

So that’s what I did. By day the good things, by night – well, you get the idea. I can’t show you all that I did (sorry), but it has been a productive weekend. I spent part of the day reading, and thinking on my tradition, and my interactions. I re-read some good books, and munched on home-cooked treats.

I re-consecrated my sacred skins, and hallowed them to the Bear Mother anew. I cleaned my ritual jewelry and cap, and did an all around cleaning of the entire bone-room. Hasn’t felt this clean for some time. Nuthin’ quite like cleaning with a ritual wash!

Picture 807

This charm was recommended to me by an online friend. Here goes…

I finally got to finish my conjure table, which is a take-down table that can be set in the middle of the room, and is treated differently than the altar. It is essentially a worktable, pure and simple. It’s purpose is to be a center, in which to work on. And, it’s portable. Bonus.

Picture 808

I think it turned out pretty well.

So as the moon rose, I set up the ritual. With the far-off hooting of an owl, and the loud geese flying overhead, I called to the Avian One, my lunar God, and even though it was only me, myself, and I… It didn’t feel lonely at all.

Upon wings of silver, and candlelight,

I chant the words, I work the rite.

Picture 811

It was a quiet, yet potent moon for me. Sometimes house-cleaning isn’t just about the clutter on your shelves, but the worst grime we have in our lives: That which we can feel, but cannot necessarily see.

Picture 812

Starting tomorrow, I pulled out my bailing wire, and I’m going to have a go at making a ritual mask. We’ll see how that goes!

Also, I’m about to embark on many Upper World workings, and see what further I can learn about. And on the nocturnal rites of the full moon, I found this awesome Pawnee wisdom about Owl, one of the Avian One’s two most sacred birds:

Put me upon the feathered stem, for I have power to help the Children. The night season is mine. I wake when others sleep. I can see in the darkness and discern coming danger. The human race must be able to care for its young during the night. The warrior must be alert and ready to protect his home against prowlers in the dark. I have the power to help the people so that they may not forget their young in sleep. I have power to help the people to be watchful against enemies while darkness is on the earth. I have power to help the people keep awake and perform these ceremonies in the night as well as the day. (Fletcher, 1900-1901)

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4 thoughts on “November Moon: Dark Moon

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Greetings. Your conjure table looks very nice and magical! The lemon charm is, I think, a pretty old one. I’ve seen lemon and orange pomanders stuffed with cloves and, er, seasoned with spices like cinnamon and such. Also, Charles Leland in ‘Aradia: Gospel of the Witches’ writes of ‘the Conjuration of the Lemon and Pins’ which uses pins instead of cloves but, I think, it’s a similar thing going on. Blessings.

    • Well, it’s a lime I used, the lemon was used for my other work. I thought I had come across it before, so I decided to try it.

      Thank you! I am really happy with the conjure table. Soon I’ll be getting legs for it.. For tonight I was ready to begin working with it, so it had a temporary base.

  2. Ohhh man, I love that table, Anne! I am a sucker for white/silver on black backgrounds in things, and you’re giving me a bunch of ideas. Now if only I had a table and space …

    • Thank you! I love that table too! For my work, white on black are the colors of absolutes, so it makes sense to work with them on working surfaces. I admit I giggled when my fingers tingled as I traced the image…

      I got the table at a garage sale actually – paid $.25 for it. Needs legs, sadly. Workin’ on it though!

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