Day of the Dead

I had a small feast to the sacred dead this week, and gave offerings of milk, whiskey, other liquor, apples, cheese, and clean water. I cleaned the altar and replaced everything anew, and replaced old candles and the altar cloth, and sat for some time in front of all of their photos and trinkets and remembered what I could of the recently deceased and the stories of the older relatives.

I tried to make sugar skulls, but… I failed. Sadly, I didn’t get to put sugar skulls on the altar this year, maybe next year. I’ll keep trying.

Just a small, one person feast, I blessed my bread to them as I shared my evening meal of fowl, warm bread, and milk. I wish I had some red wine, but… Funds have been tight lately. For the angry dead, I set out a small place for them outside, to appease them and hopefully keep them from meddling with my house during the dark season.

I hope you all had a good feast, however you celebrate it.


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