I spent my weekend celebrating the changes in the seasons, I am actually ‘feeling,’ the change deep in my bones. It fills me with an excitement, and I found myself smiling almost non-stop throughout my festivities. I finished up some private workings, taking in the opportunity of the sacred timing.

Picture 704

It is the change from the season of growth and green, to the season of the dead and hunting. From this weekend on, the dead will begin to emerge (it is a season, not one or a few evenings), and will reach it’s apex at Rauhnact. I blessed hunting implements, my carving knives, my skin-board, and my tanning kit.

It is also a time of giving thanks in my house, and this year we gave many thanks and many offerings for having our tiny home be spared from the rage of the flood, and made petitions for those who still have no water or electricity. I also asked for those who were devastated by the flood find lucky-windfalls to help them get back on their feet. This flood was a real eye opener to just how easy it is to lose everything. So, my house feasted on delicious roast, stuffing, home-made rolls, potatoes, and other nibbles… Yet we ate slowly, deliberately, and humbly.

Cream of course is left out for the wandering spirits, and saltless foods were placed out for the newly emerging dead. Again, I said my humble thanks to the spirits and Ancestors.

I divined heavily, and instead of ‘releasing,’ the cub as I usually do, I will be keeping the cub over the winter to tend it, and care for it – to release it next year.


Picture 710

And on a soft bed of moss he will stay, until this time next year.

I’ve been doing substantial trance work, as my little house-tradition settles in it’s foundations (houses do that), and my learning curve has really begun to hit a new up-hill slope.

This Herbst (which means ‘Autumn), has been a humbling feast for us, and as the dark half of the year is now upon us, I look with an open mind to what I’ll learn as the world begins to fall asleep beneath the blanket of winter, and the whispers I’ll hear in my dreaming.

I hope your autumn is plentiful, bountiful, and safe. Selig Herbst!

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6 thoughts on “Herbst

  1. M.A. Rivera

    Glad everything worked out for you and yours. Your feast sounds wonderful. Many blessings to you!!

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    • This flood has humbled us, and brought new insight, and celebration, to our lives. It’s the going through the devastation that you understand your Gods and Spirits, that you Know them… For better, or worse. It’s that raw wisdom that humbles me, and makes me sit on my porch, looking up at the sky with a heavy mind. I hope that makes sense.

  3. Teufelskunst

    Beautiful work… The rites hopefully warmed you unto the bones. 😉

    • We found ourselves humbled, and thankful. Entering this season of the Hallowed Times leaves us with a respect, and humility..

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