On an Herbst Moon

It is the full moon of September, as my next hallowed day approaches. After the flood, the disasters that came with it, and the intense cleansing that ensued… As the thunder rolled overhead (and more rain), I did my Work.

Picture 693

Quiet night by thunderous moon.. Those of my Kin I sing to you!

Most view cleansing as a positive thing – not necessarily in my eyes in either end result nor process. Sometimes, it is the hard-scrubbing that hurts and wounds, but cleanses intensely in the end. It hurts like a bitch, but it’s necessary. Sometimes, being rid of something that plagues you doesn’t come in a ‘nice,’ package. Welcome to reality.

I worked with Grandfather raccoon for an issue on dealing with a dense person:

Picture 699

With smoke in eye, and key in mouth, may the key that I am missing head due south!

I took counsel with my bones, because sometimes it’s just needed. I didn’t like what I learned, but again – welcome to reality.

Picture 701

Picture 700

So, as the waters flux around me, rising and falling, taking roads and more – I ask the raging waters to take something of mine willingly with it – in more words than I can express.

And, over the past several months my small pantheon has grown as I’ve learned of spouses and consorts, daughters and sons. My little tradition, for my little household – is now full.  I was really surprised by the certainty that all of this brought, of the smaller questions I’ve had for years being answered, and given a door to open.

It’s been a boon for my house, and has really aided me in my own learning. I have had inspiration in places I hadn’t thought of before, and with the flood, I let many things simply go to make room for them.

It sure as hell ain’t perfect, but it works. Can’t complain.

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