Due to the natural disaster that is right outside my door, I may not be posting for a bit. Neighboring towns are being evacuated… We’ll have to see what happens. *rumors of evacuations for our own town and the sound of splashing water… Sigh.

This photo was taken earlier:

Flood 012

The South Platte River, as it was earlier. It is still swelling, it is three feet above normal already.

This one was taken a bit later:

Flood 016

Today’s South Platte River. It rose several feet already in a few hours.

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10 thoughts on “Flooding

  1. Be safe.

    May the Spirit of the Guardian at the Gate extend his shield of protection, and may the spirits of the storm stay their havoc!


  2. M.A. Rivera

    Hope you stay well and dry (or high and dry as they say) what with all that water. Many blessings.

  3. Take care!

  4. O_O Wow. I’d heard about the flooding from other CO folks – I hope you stay safe and dry!

  5. Sindr

    I used to live in Denver, I wondered if it was the Platte which was flooding. Various gods keep you safe!

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