Psst… Still Here.

<Insert wave here>

I’ve been writing, and writing, and… More writing. It has been a wonderful avenue for this spirit-worker to really indulge in sacred story telling. Granted, I don’t expect to be famous for it, I just want to tell the story itself. If some people like it, I’ll consider myself contented.

Other than that, been busy privately Working, and maintaining my relations as best as I am able. Staying out of the drama-spheres, and keeping to myself has been not only refreshing, but enlightening. The quiet that shakes most people due to the extreme solitude has been a great dock for my brain to set sail.

I know, sounds odd. So, lately:


Consecrated oil to become the hallowed light of my altar.

Picture 674

Devotional work with an occupational deity. As an apprentice Machinist, I need all the help I can get!

Picture 675

Communing with Grandfather Raccoon and the counsel of bones…

Picture 676

Working with Ms. Lawless’ ointment, and giving offerings of juice, alcohol, milk, honey, etc.


Picture 677

And making bird talismans. I am keeping the hematite one, the other.. I don’t know yet.

My moons have been spent with Etno, questions after questions, and answers pouring through my life like a soft trickle but evident none the less. Working with my Bear Mother and Antlered Weaver, and appreciating the odd lessons learned from the spirits.

All of which, has only served to enrich my waking world. Can’t complain too much about that.

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2 thoughts on “Psst… Still Here.

  1. M.A. Rivera

    I love the bird talismans they look quite vibrant and alilve. Blessings.

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