Belated Summer Solstice

So a very good friend of mine drove here from a few states over for a belated Summer Solstice celebration. I really wish I could’ve given him more but all the fire-regulations and fines being implemented really prevented even a contained outdoor fire (except for BBQ).

Picture 657

I gave him quite a few ingredients and hand-made powders for him to use, as well as jars containing such things as war-water, rowan berries, etc. I gifted him with his first skin bottle, iron knife, Tarot Deck, and fire-sticks. Truth be told, it was nice to have someone to give them to, rather than just sitting around my house ‘just in case,’ I ever used them.


Picture 661

I made him a protective talisman:


Picture 667

Did many readings with my 50 symbol set, and I threw the bones:


Picture 668


Picture 669


And added to the permanent shrine:


Picture 670

The night hours were spent drinking, laughing, questions and answers (of which I hope I was at least somewhat helpful), story sharing, and then more laughter. Time spent in front of the altar, my friend learned what his Kith animal is – and I hope I was able to help him get a good start with that.

I also spent time showing him potent magic in everyday life – how bells and whistles can in fact get in the way of the magic being done. There are many times,  that you just don’t need it. Life is a ritual – practice!

He seemed in good spirits when he left, so I hope his stay was as enjoyable as it was for us.


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