Litha – Summer Solstice

Once again, Litha is the title for the holiday that I have. Another year since the last one, and I haven’t been given a different title – so, I’ll keep using it.

Thank you, good ol’ Bede.

The bulk of my festivities are being postponed for a cherished friend’s arrival. No, I haven’t forgotten about you dear readers – it’s been pushed back so my dear friend can arrive and we can celebrate together.

I did perform a quiet ritual on the actual day, and drummed into the evening chanting for the height (and fall) of the bright half of the year. It is the time of year I honor Karnona, and I plan to teach my friend spinning and weaving mysteries when he gets here. Yes, even a dude can learn those things!

I have to honestly say, I’m looking forward to the raw Paganism that will ensue. Don’t worry, I’ll post in full.

Other than that, I’ve been neck-deep in my fiction writing. I’m really stunned and amazed how the story is just pouring out of me like a broken damn (I just saw that, chuckling I amend that with ‘dam’). I hope the story is well-liked, I’m not worried about being famous: I just want to tell an epic tale.

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One thought on “Litha – Summer Solstice

  1. Yay for visiting friends! Have lots of fun…when you are not writing! Hugs!

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