Learning About the Fire-Ant

7 thoughts on “Learning About the Fire-Ant”

  1. I have had the (mis)fortune of being bitten by one once when I lived in NM, it hurt more than I had expected, and my whole foot started to swell up.

    Not fun.

    I guess perhaps it was something to seal moving away in my mind, because we had just met our neighbor’s cute puppy, and were doubting our choice to move across the country when I was 35 weeks pregnant. Luckily we did, but that sting/bite still sticks in my mind.

    Wasps and Ants seem to follow me wherever I go. I have had wasps land on me just to stop by, and one drank my sweat on a hot summer day, while waiting for a bus.

    Thank you for sharing this, even if working with this Spirit is difficult for you, I appreciate you sharing the journey and lessons with us. I enjoy your path and writing a lot 🙂

    1. Well thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog :). Well, it’s been trying working with the Fire-Ant, as I get bitten… A lot.

      Wasps land on me frequently, and those I work with have come to accept that and stopped swatting them from me. But, I’m aware that I can get stung just as easily and anyone else – they are insects – not Disney characters.

      I appreciate the feedback – thank you.

      1. You are most welcome. I have read nearly all of your posts (I think all of them, but not sure now), and have especially enjoyed reading about Arta and the drum you use. I have been working on my own homemade drum, not to copy you at all, just inspired by you writing about how you felt using it.

        I can imagine that being bitten a lot by a creature you are trying to learn from and foster a relationship with would be very difficult. I have gotten stung or bitten often by insects in the past, not fun at all. I would get stung so often as a kid that my folks had to keep a homemade paste of french clay powder, aloe vera, homeopathic gel called Sting Stop, and arnica gel for my stings and bites.

        I found that the Sting Stop gel works pretty well on fire ant bites too, it has Citronella extract and Eucalyptus extract as well as some homeopathic ingredients too. I keep it on hand for my kids too.


  2. Sort of come to this point myself – community is required, and it means doing a bit of self-work and a bit of knowing when one has crossed a line, and when one needs to stand up for oneself. It’s a fine balance, but a good lesson. Good to see you’re carrying on with it!

    1. It is hard work, and learning how to have relations here really has taught me to have better relations with Them.

      I’m still tickin’… 😉

  3. I am slowly reading through your blog, love it.. this post made me giggle because I am very much an “in the hut” person who is trying (not all that successfully) to embrace community.. I find it really hard as a solitary being but also surprisingly rewarding at times.. hard to explain. It’s like I am awkward and not social (and I’m good with that) but once I do make myself get out there (on very rare occasions).. I learn so much.

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