Growing Moon: May Moon

Granted, these last three posts aren’t in chronological order… But at least their posted, right?

This May moon was spent with many plant saplings, and other things that need to ‘grow.’ And not just the garden.

I began with making a new set of candlesticks – because having antler on the altar was too constrictive, non-constructive, and interfered with the rest of the working space. So, I swapped the mule-deer antler for two white-tail hand made candlestick holders:

Picture 634

Found by the side of the highway, they turned out well. Two remnants of candle holders found at Goodwill… Project done.

I re-blessed everything I carry on me, and ‘fed,’ my skin bottle and spirit pouch. My altar really needed the re-arrangement, and re-alignment. I pulled in the old pole I brought home from the family farm to carve into a ‘pillar,’ for my ritual workings (coming soon).

Picture 636

Cleared and re-hallowed anew by the orb of the May Moon!

This moon was also spent re-cleansing, re-hallowing, and re-newal of tools, ritual curios, talismans, and myself. It’s spent renewing ‘umph,’ which I badly needed, and didn’t realize how worn out I was until I picked up the drum and even though teary eyed and so stressed I damn near lost my marbles; sang anyway.

Picture 641

Metal, stone, bone, and chain…. Re-newed, re-hallowed again.

The new hearth-bowl works wonderfully.

Picture 639

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4 thoughts on “Growing Moon: May Moon

  1. So glad you are feeling a deeper connection and are working to reaffirm your Path. It inspires me, thank you for sharing. Your sacred tools are beautiful, I love the primal feelings I get from them.

    • I’m glad you gained something from it :).

      • Oh yes, I have to admit that the collection of bones you have makes me melt, I love them, especially the paintings on them. I was gifted a skull of a raccoon or skunk, and I have been trying to envision what decorations They want.

      • It takes time and patience. I adore my council of bones, as They’ve been a huge guiding hand to my many workings. šŸ™‚

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