Picture 623

Two copper and three iron engraving tools – should be in the store by Wednesday.

Picture 628

Cousin knife and two more claw knives – expect by Friday.

P.S. This week is coming clipping tools for plants, skinning knifes and fat scrapers, and copper knife ritual sets (two). Come back soon!!

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4 thoughts on “Metalwork…

  1. Sindr

    Heya heya! It’s Arctic Fire time again; saw Jake post a link on his twitter feed and thought of you: bunch of smiths on a retreat and workshop:

    • If only I could go! I wish I had the finances!

      • Sindr

        Live in hope, someday, someday (tbh, would like to see more women up there as their role seems to be “Film this” “Hold that” and I KNOW there are more women swordsmiths in the world)

    • There are more women swordsmiths, I just need to get a few more tools and a broader material network and maybe I could slowly go that way myself… Would be nice!

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