The Family Farm

Went off to visit the family farm… Something the Hubs has been wanting to do for years. Finally got all the way to the southeastern part of the state, and got to take in his family history. The house was gorgeous, the farmland was still inhabited by cattle that were very curious about our visit.. And the feeling of the years was ever present in the place.

I packed a bag for the day, and we headed off…

Picture 588

In the end I couldn’t part with this knife. It is my official ritual knife. I made a cousin to it that’ll be in the store later this week.

Picture 589

Thick fog covered most of our trip.

Picture 592

The farmhouse was beautiful, and warm with welcome from G.G.

Picture 594

Lots of pastureland.

We went into the grainery and the Hubs happily showed me the old family tractor:

Picture 602

And his old tree-house he shared with his sister and cousins growing up (well, what’s left of it):

Picture 599

And it was about this time, that I began to wander around, looking in the underbrush for what lies beneath:

Picture 597

Picture 595

I went to what was called ‘The Windbreak,’ and found what looked more like a tree bone-yard, and oddly enough (or not) there was no breeze in the entire area.

Picture 606

Picture 605

Picture 604

And so I continued to wander in and out of the trees and brush, and thanks to Ma’s sharp eye – found an old raccoon skull, and the remains of a canine (possible prairie fox given how small it was):

Picture 610

So I came home with five gallons of lilac blossoms that I will be turning into essential oil (later on this week, maybe next weekend), some bones, some wild herbs, and a good sunburn from all the walking.

Picture 613

I ventured out far into the pasture, and gave offerings of alcohol to the local Gods that reside over farming and ranching. I sang to my own Gods and spirits as the clouds starting to thicken overhead, and gazed into the endless sky and practiced more augury with the birds that flew around and above me.

A good bit of the day was spent trying to stay in the shade, listening to several generations of relatives who grew up here, and all the stories of grandparents, former pets and friends, and the history of the farm itself.

Picture 615

So, that was the start of my weekend.

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4 thoughts on “The Family Farm

  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! 🙂 And I won’t lie: I was totally distracted by the drum BEHIND the knife (although the knife still looks wickedly awesome). I’ve been wanting one for a while.

    I’m going to be following your lilac adventures avidly! We have one growing in front of the house, but unfortunately time has not been good to it. I’m thinking of trying to prune off the dead branches but I fear it won’t flower again like it used to. 😦

    • Iron shavings are a key for the lilacs growing out here… I’ll be posting some 1lb. bags of it this week in the store ;). I took home five saplings to grow in front of our house too!

      I love that knife….

      • Really? That’s incredibly interesting. I may have to snag a bag for our poor tree. 😉

      • Iron shavings are a local farmer’s remedy for their soil, I have found it works wonderfully!

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