Not Sure….

Is this Cinquefoil?

Picture 598

Maybe? I discovered it at the family farm… I think it is, but I’d like to triple check as I compare images with Google… Thoughts?

P.S. Coming very soon is the May Moon, Trip to the family farm, and more metalwork (tool building session this time). If not tonight, tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Not Sure….

  1. Is it a climbing plant? I can’t really tell from the image but something about it reminds me of Virginia creeper or a similar climbing/rambling plant with that kind of leaf.


    This is Cinquefoil’s wiki page, I just ID’ed the plants outside my house too, thank you for posting it. I hope you are able to figure it out. Maybe keep an eye on it and see if it flowers? That might help in ID’ing it…

  3. Hard to tell without a closer picture, but it looks like Virginia Creeper to me, too.

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