On the Gods Themselves…

There’s been quite a bit of discussion on the Gods, the Ancestors, and the spirits. I agree implicitly – they are not cardboard cut-outs with a list of correspondences. When you deal with the Gods, there is no D&D character sheet to fill out, they are not two dimensional. They are… Dare I say it – real beings.

No! Say it ain’t so!

This isn’t like watching a Pixar flick – the Gods do interact with us, or don’t interact with us in a flow that is hard to describe. The Gods are part of existence itself, there is no one list of ‘attributes’ for them as there isn’t one for any of us. Trying to box any Deity in is a bad idea – because the magic, the belief becomes cold and flat and the only ones to blame for not having a real connection to Them are the practitioners themselves.

I think it was Dver that posted this but too many people are neither invested, interested, nor understanding of the real world. How the hell do you expect to know the other worlds if you don’t have a f***ing clue on this one?

The Gods, Ancestors, and spirits aren’t any different. When was the last time you just talked to a stranger? What? You think spirits aren’t any more of a stranger? How do you hone skills to talk to them in their world unless you do so in this one. How do you understand real living Gods if you don’t even understand yourself, your neighbor, mother or father, niece, cousin, or friends?

Could you fill out a standard D&D character sheet on yourself that encompasses all of you? Or your parent(s)? Siblings?

Real Gods and spirits are not characters, and to those who have truly interacted with them know just how damned hard it is to describe everything. How do you describe your best friend to another person in good detail, before this person meets them for them-self? Besides, your relationship is ultimately going to be different – with the same person.

Welcome to real relationships. It’s not a linear line of lists, it’s more… Well – not flat, not two dimensional. It is not 1, 2, 3 of attributes, qualities, appearance, or demeanor. It’s just not that simple.

That’s because… They’re real, not on printed paper, card-stock, or print-out. You have to meet them, just as you would a new person in this world – to begin to understand Them better. Besides, you never know if that random stranger is who they are…

Imagination is not religion, spirituality, or anything else other than fiction. Sometimes that ‘well known‘ list of correspondences is completely different from what you experienced. Just because a list or idea is repeated doesn’t mean it’s always truthful, or wasn’t garbage in the first place. Sometimes, it gives the wrong impression of a God or Goddess, or only one impression that only one person saw – but too many are too afraid to look outside the box.

Remember the old saying: What popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.

An unpopular idea is that the Gods are real. Buying memorabilia that is ‘themed‘ towards them is not going to bring you any closer. True life cannot be caught by instagram, a tweet, a wall message, nor can the Gods be easily listed off or explained. It’s a little bit bigger of a picture, than that.


You have to embrace reality before you can embrace the other reality.



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6 thoughts on “On the Gods Themselves…

  1. I don’t know who the gods are to me–I don’t even know what the gods are or if they are anything at all. How, then, could someone else possibly know *for* me?? That’s why I’m not too invested in other upgs/spgs or correspondence and attribute lists. Life (read: gods) is an experience viewed through a lens unique to the prism of the individual. Their god is not my god, no matter what name it may share in a common language.

    • Even if it was viewed by another – It is the interaction between them, no all of us. I have my own upg, and I blatantly label it as such.

    • No worries – it did :). I gotcha.

  2. I had never thought of it like this, I guess I rely too much on what I’m told rather than finding out for myself.

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