Happenings and Goings on…

Sorry for not posting sooner. With bills, 11 hr work days, a new puppy, sudden downfall in health, and then some – it’s been a more offline life, than online.

Picture 578

Hilda, the Dachshund.

Blessed some charms, and working on my own charivari. Now, this is an old Bavarian tradition – and one that still holds it’s roots even in my family (granted, in old charm necklaces that used to be charivari and sitting in jewelry boxes rather than worn…) and I have deeply wanted one of my own.

Now, I know I’m American, with deep German (and French) ancestry. I wanted to honor this, as well as my Ancestors. Instead of only silver, it is a steel, iron, copper, and silver piece. An old chain link is added for my occupation in the industrial business, and other components such as coral, amethyst (traditionally added to prevent headaches and hang-overs), bear claws, and other pieces. This picture is just the ‘rough,’ of it – and it’s more than likely going to change as I taxidermy my birds and add the raccoon paw to it.

Picture 576

Some talismans added, and as I mull over it, I’ll post the final piece later on.. A 1776 coin inherited, a buffalo nickel inherited, and two remaining bear claws from the brown bear I ritually hunted… More to come.

The history of the charivari is stemming from the wearing of pocket watches, and many added talismans to the chain (as far as I understand it), such as lucky charms, hunting trophies, medals, and coins (to increase prosperity) and raccoon penis bones for male potency. The term ‘charivari,’ is from the Napoleonic French meaning ‘madness,’ which basically is the composite jewelry that only made sense to the bearer. It was essentially a men’s piece of jewelry, but later on women had their own ‘charm necklace,’ that was very similar to the men’s, but worn on the dirndl. It was traditionally fashioned by hunters, and the charms are typically given – never bought.

I also consecrated my fire-bowl – it is a hearth place to burn and center my work on – without actually having a fireplace (which, I’d love to have but in our circumstances isn’t possible) and this is a portable, and durable solution that I’ve been waiting half a year to have.

Picture 577

Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Made some charms for this coming moon – one for Aj, still finishing one for her boy, and other charms for those who’ve asked:

Picture 579

Charm of resolve and resolution, made from a bullet that spared a soldier’s life, and a blue eye for protection against the evil eye.

Picture 580

Locket made from silver, filled with bear fur, wolf teeth and bavarian old coin… For health, wealth, and wisdom.

Picture 581

Random pieces yet to be…

Picture 582

Double faced ritual tool with these old iron bells are coming…

Check back soon – for further developments.

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2 thoughts on “Happenings and Goings on…

  1. What is your fire bowl made of? I tend to use a 3 legged cauldron when I need to burn things like corn dollies… Puppy looks adorable and I like the charivari items!

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