April Moon: Grass Moon

I spent my April moon with quite a bit of divination – as I had many inquiries I needed to make lately.

As it is the time of spring and renewal, I also spent the full moon with various rituals that reflect this time of year, of which I don’t think I want to go too far into as they are very personal, but I think it went well.

Picture 552

I covered my body with ash as I prepared for my Ancestral working. Ash has been used in many rituals to the dead as well as the Underworld, and in most of my rituals to my Bear Mother – I’m covered in a nice layer of grey. Sometimes paint is added on top of the ash, sometimes not.

Picture 553

April is the time of ‘taking stock,’ of things in and around my life. It is the time of year that I really look into my rituals, my practices, my methods and my techniques and really give them a hard critique. It is during this moon I discovered some of my rituals weren’t workable in the path I’m taking, some of the tools I have weren’t necessary, and some of my own thought processes needed to be reworked. Sometimes, you just have to look at things a bit closer and with an objective eye – in those times you find that you can lighten your load tremendously.

It’s also the time I take time to look at where I’m going (as well as where I’ve just come from). You know, stopping to sit for a smoke-break on the hike and take in the scenery so to speak.

Picture 554

I don’t use your typical divination – I use a set of bones, have for some years now, and they work with me extremely well. Tarot has never spoken much to me, and to work with it in ritual contexts is trying at best. Bones, stones, woods, and metals work wonderfully.

The main animal I work with is the Mink in regards to divination, with most of the bones from that same Mink skeleton, with a fish bone, antler, and bear claw along with my other divination items. I have been reading about others creating their own sets, and I’m pretty tickled. This method works wonderfully and I’m glad to see others doing the same and in their own unique way!

Picture 555

Ah, beloved Mink!

Speaking of metals – I’m finally healed enough to get back to smithing! Woot! Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?

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10 thoughts on “April Moon: Grass Moon

  1. Nothing like a good Spring clean, I hope out have a year of fulfilment 🙂

  2. This is so cool. I had felt the same feeling of “spring cleaning” since last month, something about this year seems to really get that flowing. I love that mink skull, I can sense so much just from the picture. Looking forward to learning more about your path as you go *captive audience*

  3. LOL, thank you!

  4. A Flight of Birds

    It’s always good to assess various things about one’s life from time to time to see what one can do better, get rid of, etc.and Spring seems like a good time to do it; spring cleaning, springing into action and all that. I love your photos and the little mink…I want to give it kisses. I know that probably sounds silly (if not downright stupid) but I do.

  5. Congratulations on feeling better! I know it is a bit late, but looking at your fresh pictures here and above with the beautiful beginnings of knives just makes me happy. Bravo!

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