Sunday in The Den

So I’ve been busy today.. From making powders, incense, to ritual chalk from eggshell powder.

My day was starting by the roaring thunderous winds that are pretty typical of the area. I got out my old books on botany and herbal use, and re-read old chapters. Couldn’t hurt, could it?

So with the first scent of the house being home-baked chocolate covered peanut butter cookies…

Peanut Goodness

Breakfast of Champions…

I pulled out my winter-dusted herbs, and set to my spring Work of replenishing my incenses for the summer’s rituals.

Picture 515

Dust off the lids – it’s time for Work!

Forgive my boring photos – no instagram here… I know my Work will get no ‘oohs,’ but… It is what it is. Functional – not pretty.

I made a huge batch of hunter/fisher/gatherer incense, that I burn yearly for when I venture out into my dry climate for hunting, fishing, or botanical needs. Carefully prepared, and lovingly tended as I grind – it has a stinging sweet scent that my local Spirits seem to enjoy so far. So a note to Pa and Ma – for your hunting and fishing things – Hint… Hint…

And so far so good. From ferns gathered on the Midsummer Solstice, to Oak leaves gathered during an eclipse…

Picture 520

Batch is begun! There’s more work to be done to it… But it’s got a hell of a good start!

I use this incense ritually – and very frequently. I bless hunting, fishing, and gathering implements, and I won’t go out without the taboos and rituals being observed. It has a strong scent, but once you’ve smelled it – I’ve heard that you don’t forget. I’m told it’s a good memory – of a cabin or tent spent in a good time of life (so they describe it), so.. I suppose that’s a good thing?

I also made a small batch of mental clearing smoke. I’m not the only one who smokes this – it helps with clearing the mind of all the clutter and congestion that our modern world is all too well known for making. It does calm the mind, so I recommend smoking it in the evening!

Picture 518

I used an old method of grinding with a hard river stone, and my faithful hard-grinding mortar.

It’s not a huge batch, because a little bundle in the pipe goes a long way. It has a sharp mint taste to it. I enjoy this smoke myself after a stressful day at work, or dealing with morons on a trip into town. It helps, tremendously.

I spent another part of my Sunday making ritual chalk. Made from red brick dust, dragon’s blood resin, and eggshells –

Picture 521

Folk magic does not discredit the power of Duct Tape.

The pigment of the red didn’t want to grind so well, so I had to tape the hard stone to my pestle to get the job done. Folk magic is not about ‘pretty,‘ or ‘nostalgic,’ per se, it’s about now, right now – and practicality. Sometimes, duct tape is the answer.

Picture 523

This is before the 1.2 hours of solid grinding. GAH!

I ground the eggshells into a very fine powder, a mix of donated store-bought and the farm eggs I was given. It made a reddish powder, and for a red-chalk recipe it worked well, I think!

Picture 524

So now with red-stained hands…

So with the added pigment, I look forward to working with this chalk myself. I ran out of it recently, and… For this summer’s workings that I have planned, I don’t want to be caught without any. If you’re interested in a piece of red ritual chalk let me know.

Picture 525

There are seven pieces total.

Soon, meaning as soon as I get my mitts on more eggshells, I will be making a black chalk made from charcoal and ash for other workings, for those who are interested.

So my day was spent busily. Not too bad of a start after surgery… So I end this post with Elk chili cooking in my crock-pot with home-made garlic toast in the oven…

And.. An empty rum glass. SACRILEGE.

*Update: The powders I’ve made range from sure-footed powders (decision making), to ‘Go Away,’ Powders. There is a long list, and I’m not done yet, even though my weekend is over!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday in The Den

  1. I want that kind of breakfast!

  2. Wow! I really love your egg shell chalk. What a process! My herb collection looks just like yours, reused jars and all.

  3. Spiritwize

    I don’t really like peanut & chocolate but yours looks pretty good. Sounds like a very productive day overall and, also, don’t worry about the pictures. Doctored up photos aren’t everything, hell, I don’t even a own camera or cellphone to take any if I wanted to. Blessings.

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