On Primal Gods

I have heard quite a few view points on these Primal Gods. There isn’t just one, but many, like my own. They live on the edges of society, beyond the hedges, beyond the street lights and paved roads. They live beyond any comfort zone of the mind, in fact there is no comfort to them. They will devour you whole and not think twice about it.

Primal Gods are not something you paint pretty pictures of, write rhymes, or use beautiful tools with. They are the bare bones, the white teeth in the skull’s grin as those White Apples hang from the Tree of the Dead and Yet to be Born.

They are the screams in one’s sleep, when you don’t have any air in your lungs to let it loose. The motion that you forget, that you are what you are – and are dissolved into a fluid that your mind expands the terror that challenges our very notions of reality.

It isn’t as if these Gods don’t care. It isn’t about you. It isn’t about us. It’s beyond that to an undefinable terminology that.. Unless you were there, how could I tell you? How could he? She?

It’s a servitude that opens doors, and destroys constricting hallways. It’s an openness that our minds truly aren’t geared for anymore-  a naked truth that tells us all in it’s sincere silence. And like the White Tree – we all see something different even when we peer into the black eyes of the White Apples.

The Primal Gods take us to the wastelands, but yet… We find so much nourishment through our own starvation. We find our thirst quenched even though the rivers are not water at all.

They dump us in the middle of torment and torture, and leave us alone. They leave us on purpose – because purification and removal is not an easy process. If you are to learn Their mysteries – will you leave the darkened soot covered pit? Strengthening of steel does not happen unless it is molten by the fires of the forge. We do not become ourselves unless we are tested over and over again.

The Primal Gods are not the cozy, ‘read in a book and just know‘ Gods, they are only truly known through direct experience.

In the end, we collect an amass of this wisdom and experience – but.. The words are hard to say in a complete sentence. But if you approach those of us who’ve looked and have been where the soul dares not go – we might have an uncanny bit of practical wisdom for you, that you can use now and there forward – not some arcane bit that’s spoken in riddles – it’s a riddle for us to solve, and to translate into plain speech. It isn’t easy, and it’s sure as fuck not for the plethora of the human population. It puts the few of us at a disadvantage to you – don’t glorify it. Don’t think it’s awesome. It’s hard work, it’s a mind-fuck, and it taints the colors of our world.

Sure, I have Walked-  but I’m not the same for it at all. We get to be the oddballs in a ‘normal‘ world – and understanding the abnormality for what it is. Yea, it’s hard to describe. I’m sorry for that – words are not my mainstay. Machines, metal, mechanics… Words? Sigh.

And even then… Good luck explaining things. I’ve tried.

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