Rancourous Thunder..

With a blizzard in tow…

Welcome to the High Plains of Colorado. Small wonder why only stubborn grass grows here….

I performed a ritual tonight. I danced outside, in the hail and the rain – I felt their hits upon my brow – but I danced. The flashes in the sky, the thunder beneath my feet – the change of the seasons was before me…

I danced. Yes, I have bruises on my shoulders, but I danced.

I danced for hope, with the pummeling hail – I danced for life, with the icy rain – I danced for myself against the wall of wind – I danced. My Hubs looked at me strangely, but understandingly. Can’t ask more of that of a non-jewish Jew, can you?

Picture 503

3:00 pm….

I danced outside, at our local crossroads, with the flashes overhead, and the thunder beneath my feet – I danced deosil to the winds that roared overhead – sure, I looked like an idiot to some..

But to those locally who  knew – I danced for THEM-  and they know that!

Picture 507

With the bear-skin drum roaring! Rituals echoing to the thunder!

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