*Written as a storm rages overhead.. If incomplete forgive me…


Oh, I hear you, sounds of summer, that come with beats and thunder…

The roar of the hooves of the thunder horses…

Wild Beasts that run, like the ghost riders that come asunder,

That lightning runs their courses.


Oh, I see you, storms of summer, of lights and flash,

I see the sparks of the shoes as they strike the winds in air.

I hear the fight, the flint strikes the flash,

forest creatures

Arisen from mound and hill – come spirits, come what will!!

I feel the wind change as the birds and horses exchange in flair.


Arise in my blood, first storm of the season,

The beating of the rain as it pummels the soil,

The dead have left in their silence, now wake me with life of reason,

I dare you… Shake my mortal coil!!


My house shakes with the wind, my bones ache with the howl,

I feel the earth move beneath my feet,

I hear the movement like a soundless growl!

Move earth! Move me! Shake the street!


Oh, summer… I hear your direct sound…

The dead may have left their wake…

But I know the spirits have left their mound…

Like an anvil I hear the thunder quake…

Let the rain beat the earth! Like a silent drum with silence break !!

Move me, all ’round..

Move me.. To dance upon the muddy ground!

Like a budding sapling gaping, soil drowned….

Sing your thunder, in my bones abound..

And within your wake,

Make no mistake….

I find myself unbound.



Summer has arrived with the official thunderstorm for us.

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One thought on “Thunder…..

  1. There is so much power in your tale, thank you

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