Whirling Brain…

Wow, my 200th post.

So, as I heal, I draw. Ideas are pouring out of my little pencil and onto paper. Soon, there will be a new assortment of inspired designs. And, some pole arms and hunting spears, and the beginning of an assortment of ritual short swords.

Thank you Arta for a new, and very PATIENT, post-mistress.

And if the spring pruning around town happens AFTER I’m healed, perhaps a bow or two. I miss bowery. Already gearing up for a black-powder cartridge pistol, and then gunsmithing will be underway!

I feel like me again. Fucking finally.

Picture 478

Coming soon to a forge… NOT so near you?

And I am never above dumpster diving… Guess what I found!

Picture 473

Old rusted punches – still usable, and I intend to carve into them to make stamps… WOOT!

And my Mother in Law gifted me with the best tool I think I’ll ever own. I have really shitty eyesight, always have. I have the best goddamn nose, but my eyesight suffers badly. With some of the small parts I work with – it can be a challenge.  Thanks Ma! This little tool is pure awesome, and now I don’t think I can do my smaller work without it!

Picture 480

I love this thing! It has 1.25 and 1.50 magnification! Add both together and I can see the tiniest detail! The best part is it clips to my glasses… Thanks again Ma!

And, a promised photo of my salt-horn as I finish it up – to be put into the store soon:

Picture 479

Almost done…

I feel the fire in my brain alive again – and I can honestly say it’s nice to have it back. Now to get over the new scars I’ve collected recently… Sigh.

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2 thoughts on “Whirling Brain…

  1. I keep telling myself “No Nykti, you don’t need more knives. Just the one is fine.”

    And then you keep posting images and designs and I …

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